Eyen - Past and Present

Hey guys.  Here's a track from a project of mine.


I don't know how hard of a time you guys will have with these tracks.  Hope its not too bad.
If a decent amount of people give it a go, I'll certainly post my other Eyen track.

The tracks - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/22087900/PastandPresentMixoff.rar

Good luck, and have fun mixing.

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No replies? I'll give it a go man. You still following this thread?
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interesting track.
i'll post my version soon :)
see what I can do with it.
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Aye, I'm still here.  Was wondering why I wasn't getting any replies. :) Thanks fellas.
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Hi guys,

my mix&master:

Enjoy :)
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Nice one zusto.  I enjoyed the section at :55 quite a bit.  The piano entered nicely and the kick is nice and punchy.

Only thing I'd say is that the percussion that enters at :28ish is a little loud.

Love that kick though.  Nice job.