Jeje - One Minute Before Sleep

I recorded this last night, hopefully useful for you to practice mixing ..
this is the mp3 file (Non Mixing):
and this is the Cubase 5 project :

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Can't get the MP3 to play or DL :(
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this is the mp3 file
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It will also not play for me
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The mp3 may not work but at least the download work!
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The mp3 link works fine. It's an HTML link to the download page, not a direct link to the mp3

You have to open the link in a new tab  OR  copy the link and open in a new window...
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Decided to get things started here with a quick ITB mix  :)

Levels, Eq, Compression & some clean up editing to get rid of the clicks and pops on the guitar tracks, likely due to a gate.

Billy Collins.
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Cool tune, Jeje - reminds me of Dream Theatre

Cool mix Billy, gives me even more of that DT vibe, the guitar sound is what Does it I think, and your transition between guitar and keys.
Thanks Josh, I'm glad you like the mix. I agree it does have a DT vibe to it.

It was a interesting one to mix, Thanks for sharing the tracks Jeje!!!

thanks billy, nice mix from you..
i really like DT :)
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Here's my stab at it, not thrilled with my current rhythm guitar sound but otherwise I like it.