Justin Taylor-Closer To Home (funk/pop)

Here's my third tune for mixoff. This one is a funky pop track. Some of the tracks are bounced and I don't have the unbounced tracks any longer, so some of the sounds are stuck together or reverbs/delays are printed on the track. You can download the multitrack right here-

Here's my mix


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Thanks for this too!
Here's my attempt: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/23688706/closertohome.mp3
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Hi guys,

this is my version:

Enjoy! :)
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Cool mixes! Kzu, I sound really unnatural and nasal in your mix. The vocal is pretty compressed and there's a build up around 400hz-800hz on my voice.

This is a hard tune to mix for others, mainly because of the way I did it - some of the tracks are bounced, to make it easier for me when I went to mix it. With my mix, I used a lot of volume automation in order to balance out the guitar solo and the synth solo and some of the parts where 2 or 3 things are going on at once. Basically whenever the synth would come in, I'd duck the guitar down, generally. There's a guitar lick that both you guys left at point zero range that's supposed to be buried under the synth towards the end (because it's pretty dodgy mainly :P)
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Resurrecting this old thread with a new mix.