Critique my mix, please! Indie/Pop/Rock genre

Hi everyone - I've been recording my own music at home for a few years now, but I am still very much an amateur when it comes to the mixing side of things.  I would be incredibly grateful if anyone would listen to this mix and give me some advice on how it could be improved!

This mix sounds good to me, but I fear that I'm not experienced enough to really hear the problems that are probably in it.  I worry about its frequency range, which I think is a common problem with all my mixes.  I understand the basics of frequencies and when to EQ, but I always seem to have difficulty giving each individual track its own frequency space.  According to Logic Pro's Spectrum Analyzer, it seems like the electric guitar, piano, and vocals in this track all seem to peak in the same 500hz - 1khz range.  Everything i read about EQ'ing tells me that this should be a problem, but I'm not entirely sure about how to fix it in practice beyond randomly cutting frequencies on individual tracks and hoping I get lucky with the results.

Anyway, I could really use some advice on how to improve this mix!  I mixed it in Logic and have been listening on Fostex PMO.4 monitors.  Like I said, I think it sounds okay, but I'm not really sure what I should even be listening for to improve it! Here it is:



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Hey there, I just had a listen to your mix and have a few suggestions:

The first thing I noticed (immediately) is how much space your vocal reverb takes up in the mix.  Personally I would pull out a lot of the low end of the vocal reverb (high pass @ 300-400hz) as well cutting a bit in or around 4.5kHz.  This will help your vocal seem more natural but still have that verb space that you're going for.  This also opens up space for your drums and bass to hold the track down better.  Attenuating the reverb at 4.5kHz will also help keep those pesky esses from splashing around and taking over the vocal line.  Personally I like to compress my vocals but have the send to my reverb uncompressed.  This gives the vocal much more presence but still allows the reverb to swell in louder parts.  This particular song is rather static as far as vocal dynamics go but I find the parallel compression never hurts anyways.

I would start there and then I think you'll find your instrumen... (read more)