GearFest Mixing Contest - deadline june 1st 2013

Hi guys
I just read about a new mixing contest. It is a really short multi-track session recording live at the GearFest.
Follow this link and register to get the files. You will also get a free coupon code for free pureMix videos tutorials about tracking this whole session with Fab Dupont (really interesting approach, and very funny btw with Fab humor).

Things for consider in this mix:
1. Session was not tracking with metronome. Tempo change all the time between 102 to 110 BPM. Maybe you need to insert a lot of tempo changes in your DAW to sync your time-based FX, or just leave it plain.
2. Drums have 4 mics: 1 kick, 1 snare, 2 OHs.
3. Bass guitar was tracking with 1 DI and 1 mic amp.
4. Guitar was tracking with 1 mic.
5. Vocal was getting as an overdub, after one vocal scratch or guide track.
6. Genre is classic rock with nice female vocal by Liza Colby.
7. Deadline for mix submissions is june 1st 2013.
8. Issues you will face with this mixing will be bleeding, as it is a live recording session (maybe can be used in advantage to glue the track), width, because it has really only 1 melodic instrument (the guitar), vocal dynamics, kick cutting right through, and overhall tone.
9. The 16 best mix winners will be awarded with amazing prizes by Focal, Presonus, Dangerous Music, pureMix tutorials and more.

I started mixing this morning and almost finish it. It is really a simple session. Good luck guys. Have fun.

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I grabbed the tracks and stated playing with it. Great performance. Biggest issue I'm seeing is vocal dynamics. Seems like that's where most of my time will be going.

Well over 100 entries already...
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Check this thread in the homerecording page. The guys from pureMix are sharing some tips and recommendations for this contest.

They also create a group in soundcloud for uploading your mix.
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Here is my mix:
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The drums are tough on this as there is no seperate Hat or tom mics, just the kick, snare and two overheads.

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This is my go at this kick arse song.

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Brilliant Track and really interesting to watch the vids on the recording of the song. Here is my take, I think it needs more presence however I am not sure if that is something that could be sorted during Mastering/ Post Mastering process?

Where's the low end on the bass? Sounds to me like you're working in a room with some issue. You've thinned everything out, especially the guitar. The lttle crackle distortion on the guitar is more... (read more)
I removed the low end of the bass because I wanted the frequency range to be used by the kick, I may have over done it though, but I didn't think by much. The room I am working in is my bedroom and... (read more)
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Heres mine

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This was a fun mix, - trackwise very straightforward, yet tricky to get right nonetheless.  Here's my effort:

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Mix was one thing but to document your work and gear you used took time.
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Here's my mix.  Comments welcomed!