Eyen - Fragments

Someone said they'd be interested in mixing another Eyen track so here they are.

The tracks - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22087900/fragmentstracks.rar

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Thanks! Sounds great. Not my style at all but I will give it a try  ;D
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Alright so this is my quick mix:


Loon: I like your mix, the only thing that pokes out to me is that the high end is a little too much. The soundcloud codec does the rest. Maybe some careful cutting of some ultra high frequencies here and there and a little less reverb on the high end?
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thanx again for the great song!
Here is my mix&master:


Enjoy :)
Basically what Spede said. That reverb on the kick doesn't seem to be what the song is calling for. However, I think you can do this on the snare if you balance it right. I'd say it's just a little... (read more)
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Thanks to all for taking the time to mix this track.  I always love to hear others mixes.

Here's my thoughts and critique of your mixes.  Sorry, I guarantee it will have some degree of bias.  I've listened to my version too many times.

[li]The tapestop sound is pretty quiet.[/li]
[li]Seems like you were trying to go easy on the overall level of the bass to make room for the kick, but I feel that if you wanted to make the kick hit hard, sidechain compression may have worked a little better.  I just don't feel that this style of music sounds great with a mid-driven bass.[/li]
[li]As Spede mentioned, the reverby sound at 1:30 is too quiet as well.[/li]
[li]I like the way you made the cheesy little vocal sample sound.  Sounds like it might be de-essed and for whatever reason, I really like the effect.[/li]
[li]The synth that pans left to right sounds great in your mix.  It's more prominent and it makes it feel like there is more g... (read more)
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Here's my shot. I tried to make it a little bit harder.

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My go at Fragments - A bit darker, mastered a bit louder, light on reverb, gated the fairly messy hi-hat and rounded the attack off the kick. The track really had some magic once I added in some fuzz to the clean passages.