Vlayman: "Too Far (You Went)" CLOSED

Aiight, this is a new song using some older multi-track drums I recorded a cuppla years ago.  Noteworthy issues for the erstwhile mixer include Recorderman OH's done with cheap dynamics (Digital Reference GX's), top of snare only with a SM58, a cheap dynamic on floor tom, and a cheap omni on far room (recorded in a very live, low-ceiling basement).  Also, the lead guitars are screaming for EQ, and the vocalist blows deaf maggots (I really don't, only sound like I do.)

The attached mix is faders-up with some EQ on the leads and a plate on the snare and EQ and plate on the floor tom.

The tracks (17 in 16 bit 44.1 *.wav) are here:

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I think there is a om missing. I only one and on the OH I hear 2
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If you are referring to "tom", only the floor tom was separately mic'd; the rack toms are only in the OH (Drum tracks are 2 OH's, snare, kick, near and far room and floor tom = 7 drum tracks total).

I guess that's another issue I forgot to list; also, forgot to mention the download is about 176 megs.
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Hey Vvv!  I'm going to try to mix this one.  Do you know the tempo? 
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Not off hand; the drums are actually loops constructed from a multi-track live performance.

I'll get back to you with approximations, at least, a little later.
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OK the verses are about 87.3 BPM, the chorus about 88.4 BPM.
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That's a good song... ;)

Here's my quick mix:
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nickl: cool mix!  Two changes I'd make is a little lower kick, both level and EQ, and put the lead more up the middle, but a nice and clear mix, everything balanced - I like how the chorus drums get punchy, and like the snare 'verb and vocal treatment..  8)
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Oh, and mine:
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Here is my mix:


Now I can listen to the other mixes.
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RC:  Not bad at all!  I will say the tambo's a bit loud for me, and the drums (shittily recorded) a bit weak. FWIW, I used a fair amount of compression and EQ on the drums, a plate verb on the snare ...