Mix Off: Rock song for my first musicvideo

My name is Yonatan Pandelaki, i live in Germany. I will release my first official musicvideo in around 12th July, the deadline is 09th July. I've taken the mix as far as i can. I wrote this song, and am also the singer and i played the piano part as well.
Mind you: this is my very first attempt to make a serious mix, all others were just demos. I also engineered the tracking by myself, which i've also done for the first time.

This mix off is not limited to the deadline, but i will pick the best one till 9th of July and mix it with the musicvideo. It should be a preview version of the upcoming Album version. Please submit only when you are agreed with it.

The song is in german, you can also read about me here: www.yonatanpandelaki.com (english version of the website is coming soon)
But i can tell you my story in 3 sentences:
I always wanted to be a professional musician, but took another way to study medicine after the school. 10 years later, last december I've decided to follow my real dreams, and since that for the first time in my life I'm absolutely fearless. This year I will start 2 projects: my Solo-Album, and a social project in Indonesia for poor street kids, both projects will be linked.

Mind you these projects are not some dreamy projects, i'm married and have 2 kids, i'm dead serious with all this, and working very hard to make it real. I've went all-in and left everything else behind, so it's now or never, .

The musicvideo should be the first trigger for everything else to come. I will start a crowdfunding simultaneously with the release.

Some notes:
- as references i had Foo Fighters 'My Hero' and P.O.D 'Will You', so it should sound somewhere in beetwen
- your mix should NOT be longer or shorter than my mix, because it will be used for the video
- i have some nasty problems with punch-in cuts, which is the result of my lack of skill
- i'm aware that i slammed my mix far too hard.

Thank you very much in advance friends, YOU can help me starting my music career, which like i said above, is not just about music, it's also about helping some kids from poverty in a very near future.

edit: added some options for the stems

Here are the stems of the mixbusses (both downloadable as one zip file, around 1 GB):

with EQ and Comp
(for those who just want to level them, and fix some little problems on the EQ and add FXs)

without EQ and Comp

and if you wan't to fix something from ground, just pick the single stems from this folder:

so there are plenty of choices.
They are 24 bit, 48 khz wavs

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Had a few minutes to spare tonite brother

Thanks for the Track stems loaded the wrong version first time

Sound cloud and The dropbox files all  updated man 8)


If you would like the original Mix down Mp3 its approx. 7.5 meg
Link is here


good luck with the launch yonatan 8)

Ric Dalton
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Thank you Rick for your entry.

I've added some other options to download either the single stems or mixbusses, with or without the EQ and compression.
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No worries Brother updated both those tracks in sound cloud and the direct download 

I uploaded the wrong versions , you get that when your printing out a few 8)

Btw not into the completion side of this Post  man it was just some fun this end ;D

Thanks again

Ric Dalton
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So If I want the individual tracks which do I have DL from!?
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I'll upload the individual tracks on dropbox as well tonight.
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lol thx man! :D
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forgot to update this thread,
@Morten the dropbox link for the single stems is here:
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this is my first mix I'm posting here. Cool song, I really like it. First I came up with a much drier mix, but listening to the Foo Fighters I realized how much ambience sounds were used on the drums, so I tweaked my reverb, maybe now it's a bit too much.

First thing I did was getting rid of all of the drum tracks with a "repl" in it's name ... worked fine w/o them for me. Besides this everything's been used. I thought about muting the piano or the guitar in parts, but then found that there would have been something missing, so in the end everything's on all the time.

Feedback is very much appreciated... Since I liked it better with some 2-bus compression + limiter, but didn't want to "cheat", I made up two versions.

No limiting:



with limiting:

[soundcloud]https://sou... (read more)
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Hello jcs!
Thanks so much for submitting..
You've done a wonderful job i think. Especially how big the drums sound, considering that you didn't use the drum replacement at all. That's quite impressive. It also means it was not  that bad, since it's my first time ever tracking drums with more than 3 mics.

some feedback from me
- what's going on with the piano, did you put a phaser on it?
- there's also a huge phaser on the solo. maybe i'm just not a fan of phaser ;)

otherwise, great mix. thanks again!
Btw, my thread on gearslutz has got much more feedback than i thought. In fact, i already have one clear fav which i can use for the video. It's all quite overwhelming for me.
Look here, it contains also lot of informations about the recording process and the equipments others used on mixing.

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I posted this on the purple forum as well, but I am putting it here for reference also:

Here's another hat in the ring.  There are still some things about it I'd like to change, but alas, time is up.


Good song, mate.