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We are a danish jazz funk band. We are looking for someone, who would like to mix our recorded tracks; drums, bas, guitar and saxophones. Hope that someone would be interested - to give it try?


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I'm sure that there are several people here that would love to - myself included. :-) Posting a link to a rough mix might help.

It may also help to explain a little what you are looking for. Are you looking to have people audition, send you bids, or work "for credit"? Are there deadlines involved?

I hope you get set up with the right person for your project.

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YEa what he said!
Post an mp3 of the song so people can what it is they are getting into.
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Hey there did you get my message?
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Hey, is this thread still active/relevant? I would like to give it a go, if so.
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You see any mixes?!  :P
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I checked the user's profile, this is the ONLY post he's made.

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