Jimi Hendrix (Atlanta Pop Festival, July 4th, 1970)

Hello, everybody:

My name is Tyler Green, and I am a 16 year old from Philadelphia, PA. I am a musician who plays both drums and keys, and I also write my own compositions every now and then. But one thing about the music that I enjoy very much, is the multi-tracks. Everything about them just fascinates me in every way possible. I collect a lot of them in my spare time, from pretty much anywhere on the internet that I can find them, and my collection is huge, going 2 years and strong right now. But anyway, I have decided to give a try at mixing something I found on the internet. I recently discovered, thanks to a website I check very often, the multi-tracks for Jimi Hendrix's concert at the Atlanta Pop Festival, in Atlanta, GA, on July 4th, 1970 - 2 months before his death. Of course these were unmixed, but the seperation was very good for something of this time, pretty much everything is seperated, but there is a ton of bleed on a lot of these tracks. (Except for the guitar, which doesn't have much bleed, but I would say both the bass and guitar have the least bleed in these pack of stems.) I had a guitar track, bass track, 3 drum tracks, and Jimi's vocals to work with, and with the help of Youtube videos I found of the concert, I created this mix:


Here is the setlist:

1. All Along The Watchtower
2. Freedom
3. Foxy Lady
3. Purple Haze
4. Hey Joe
6. Voodoo Chile (slight return)
7. Stone Free
8. Star Spangled Banner
9. Straight Ahead
10. Hey Baby

If anybody wants to, I can post both the mixed, and unmixed multitracks. (The mixed multitracks I am uploading at the moment, the unmixed stems I already have a link for.) But I am only posting this for advice/criticisms and thoughts. Did I do a good job? Could I have done better? Any comments would be appreciated.


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Nobody replied to this??? I'm interested in the multis! Will download the mix soon.
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I'm interested in the multitracks too.
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Hi Tyler, ;)
I just listened to your Atlanta Mixes & to me theyre sounding GREAT!
A very well done mix with all instruments nicely balanced. Sounding Overall quite natural & better than all previous versions :D
Would love to get  also the Multis to try amix for myself!°!
Many Thanx for posting & Greetings.