Mixoff Contest with Mike Senior - Win Mike's New Book!


Mike Senior, author of Sound on Sound magazine's 'Mix Rescue' and 'Studio SOS' columns along with studio credits including The Charlatans, Reef, Therapy, Nigel Kennedy, and Wet Wet Wet, has graciously agreed to judge our first 'competitive' mixoff, and to provide a copy of his new book as a prize!

Here are the details:

Mike has posted files for a song, contributed by fHumble fHingers, from the band Young Griffo.

The mixoff will last two weeks starting today. That means the entries should be in by Monday, April 4th.

EDIT: The submission deadline for mixes to be critiqued remains April 4th, but you may submit a final mix until April 18th. Mixes submitted after April 4th will be considered, but not receive a critique from Mike.

The prize will be a copy of Mike's great new book, <a href="http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0240815807/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=suitcasemusic-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=0240815807">Mixing Secrets for  the small studio</a> And everyone will receive a critique from Mike on their first mix posted. You can revise your mix, and your final mix will be the one considered for the contest.

Mike has uploaded the consolidated ZIP and MP3 files here:

Some rules from Mike:

1. The object is to mix this multitrack as if you were employed by the
band to maximise its potential as a single. Within that brief,
however, you're completely free to use any means you wish to create
your mix. So if you want to remove tracks, edit things around, do
replacements/overdubs, or anything else, that's fine -- whatever it
takes to deliver the most exciting mix you can and blow the band's
socks off!
2. Only the first submission per forum member will be critiqued.
3. Each forum member's competition submission will be the most recent
mix version they've posted.
4. The loudness of the mix will not be a contributing factor in the
competition judgement. However, the way the mix might respond to
typical loudness processing (in line with market expectations for this
style) will be.

To help give an idea of what 'market expectations' might be, here are the band's web sites for reference purposes:

Let's make this a great contest, and in the spirit of the site, keep comments on the positive side!

Have fun!

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This is awesome John! :o Nice going!
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Yeah! :P Amazing!
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Outstanding. I just bought Mikes book this week and can attest that it is an awesome read!
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I was just referred to great this site via Gearslutz, from a thread about Mike's new book, which I plan on getting regardless of the mix contest.
What a great idea for a site, this is fantastic!

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Very, very  8).
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Diggin' the Tune for the contest, looking forward to mixing it!
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Should be fun... 8)
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Great tune!

Aren't we missing some back vocals in some parts?  ???
Well spotted. It appears that we don't have the backing harmony line during the second verse. I'll chase it up with the band and post a link as soon as it's available. As far as I can tell that's t... (read more)
Just chased this up with the band, and it appears that the verse harmony vocal was all the work of the mix engineer who did the preview mix -- it was never on the band's multitracks. So if you want... (read more)
Ok, thanks! Can we know who did the orignal mix?
I believe it was fHumble fHingers.
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I'm in.  ;D
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Here's some more information from the band for everyone. It's a list of commercial reference tracks that they like the sound of, and which will help you reference your mix. I've provided Youtube links, but they will only work in some territories of course, so you may have to track down these songs yourselves.

[li]'Sober' by Tool (for the bass tone)[/li]
[li]'I Will Possess Your Heart' by Death Cab For Cutie (for bass and vocals)[/li]
[li]'All The World Is Mad' by Thrice (for chorus vocals/instrumentation and also for guitars)[/li]
[li]'Are You Interested' by Cog (for guitars)[/li]
[li]'Avon' by Queens Of The Stone Age (for drums)[/li]

Easy.  ;D
Thanks for the info, saves on some guess work.