Nirvana - Sappy

Here's my second mix attempt, using one of my favorite bands at the moment. I found the unmixed multitracks on the internet after finding that the Guitar Hero mix of this song was actually somewhat poor. (Mostly in drums, since they actually isolate drum mics with very poor gating, EQing and such, the rest is actually very good.) I feel that I did well with this, but your guess is about as good as mine. Enjoy!

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Hey, can't seem to have access to the link you post...

This may not be the case but, just thinking that if you are staring now mixing songs, I would personally not recommend you to dive in so complex proyects as a Nirvana song is. I know that most of us get temped due to the idea of hearing everything in isolation of famous bands, but most of times they can be overwhelmed to practice. I know these because I been in that place. I remeber first time mixing trying to mix Bohemian Rhapsody... almost die trying to get it sounding good  :)

Would recomend you to try more simpler proyects, with say no more than 24 tracks. Again, might not be the case, but that came to my mind will reading...

However, would like to hear ar you mix !  ;)