Opportunity for Radio Play!!

Hey Everyone,

I organise the music for a radio show on www.rabbitradio.com.au every Saturday @ 4pm - 6pm Australian EST.

I want to have a mixing competition each week and the winner will be played on the show and have their business promoted over the course of the 2 hour show.

At the time of writing this the show airs in 116 hours so I wont have time to organise it.

I will post a multi track of a song I'd like for the show a week in advance and its up to anyone who is interested to post your mix and have it aired on an international internet radio station!

Head to the website to listen in to the show and I will give more details on air!

Good luck to all who enter

-InPhase Mixing

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Give us some hard hitting rock to mix! :D
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In for a penny, in for a pound. ...

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Love the idea  :)
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Listen in right now on www.rabbitradio.com.au!!!
Does not work here. No sound (other sites, no problem), and IMO the site design is extremely confusing.

Sorry, I'm afraid I can't give any better feedback as of now.

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Have to agree with Stoman. Not sure what to do!?
Can you provide a link to he files plz?. And tell us where to upload the mixes!.

I will be uploading them / providing a link tomorrow so you can mix them up for the show on Saturday.

The winner will be played and given free advertisement on the show!

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Hello again everyone!

Sorry for the late reply but I have chosen the song for this weeks radio competition!!!


Download the full multi track session of "Bulldozer"

Post your Mixes here and the winner will be played on the radio and given their business/ soundcloud / Facebook a shoutout and plug.

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Well here is one candidate.
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Hey, here's mine  :)


Though not sure if we were supopsed to uploaded here or in the other thread...
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Yeah sorry I made 2 threads about it.

This will be the main one I post in relating to the show.

You have about 25 hours before the show goes to air so keep mixing everyone!!!

Sounding Great!

-InPhase Mixing
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Here is my try