Story Sad But True - FLAC - Sort of pop/punk odd timing...

In the spirit of using FLAC files, I uploaded these multitracks, they are probably 10 years old, recorded in a small bedroom, but the song is pretty nifty, I think, and a little different. This was the same group of guys that did 'Daisy, Daisy', which is another mixoff around here. The vocals might need a little tuning, and the drums could use some touching up.

If you need help with finding a conversion program to use the files in your DAW, check here:,828.0.html

Here's is a mix I did years ago (I hope to find time to do a new mix one of these days!):

And here are the files:

Have fun!

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[EDIT 8/25: I posted a new version down below!]

Thought I'd give this one a shot, it was a fun one!
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Thanks for taking a shot at it!

My first impression is that the vocals are pretty on top, of course, it's always hard to hear your own vocals out front like that, especially old ones!

The hats are pretty splashy, and hard to tame, cymbals in a small room always bleed all over everything, and are a pain. Your mix has them pretty well controlled, they're loud, but not harsh.

The buss compression seems to pump the entire track around the vocals a bit, if that makes sense. It overall feels a bit flat from a dynamic perspective, like the 'chorus' could pop a little more, maybe?

Overall, I like the guitar a lot, the bass is easy to hear, has nice even bottom, too. I'd probably layer in some samples on the drums, as they are maybe a little boxy (probably my fault from tracking!)

I think if the vocals came down a bit, and you did a little automation to bring the 'chorus' up a bit, it's quite good!
I'm gonna have to totally disagree with your statement. I think the drums were perfect for the song. Perhaps a forest for the trees thing since you did this yourself?

[soundcloud]https://s... (read more)
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This is my try:
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Is this recorded to a click? I can't seem to find a fitting grid.
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Didn't seem to be recorded to a click. It's in 9/8 for you rhythmically challenged folk! :P
I did get the 9/8 part, just not the tempo  ;) .... Manual editing it is, then  ;D
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No click, just our drummer's pretty decent internal clock!
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I like the guitar, the eq brings out the little harmonics a bit, which is cool.

The vocals seems a little out front on yours too. I think maybe if the eq scooped some of the low mids, the vocals would sit a bit more.

Kick cuts through pretty nicely, and I like your snare. The toms seems a little boom/boxy. Not sure what can be done with those, maybe panning them narrower would help some (I'm listening in headphones, so take that with a grain of salt!

Bass guitar sounds pretty good. I like the little growl it has, could maybe even be a little growlier, with a touch less low end.

Good work overall!
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A little hard to judge, is it possible to allow downloads on your soundcloud? I think I'm hearing a little distortion from the soundcloud encoding.

The mix is overall nice, a lot different from the others, tonality wise, but blends well. Has a nice roomy tone to it, bass is maybe a little flat, could use some upper freq edge, I think.

I like the vocals, maybe a little closer to what I imagine. Not sure if I love the reverb on the snare. It's cool, just not sure it's right for the song, if that makes sense.
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JohnSuitcase, thanks for the excellent feedback. I tried to address those issues in this version. I added a lot of automation and tried some more creative approaches in a few spots to add dynamic interest, maybe went a little overboard... I don't know, you tell me ;)


EDIT: see below for my final version!!!
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Here is my quick mix. I blended in a kick sample, the original was too pointy for my taste. Everything else is from the tracks. I locked the bass to the kick hits.

JohnSuitcase Thanks for sharing! Very energetic mix. The snare has nice impact but might be too loud. The vocals are too low in my opinion and the guitars have a resonance that's honking along the whole time. They are also pretty heavy on the high mids for my taste. But good balances all in all!

ccjamz Apart from the OHs, everything seems to lack high frequency information. I'd suggest some low mid clean-up, it seems muddy down there. Great idea with muting the guitars during verse 3! But why did you already take them out during in the bridge section?

japancakes I like how the bass is audible so well. But overall the mix seems to miss some low end punch or is focused too much on the (high... (read more)
Thanks, that mix is super old, from 2003 or so, I'm working on a new mix just now. I'll comment on a few more mixes tonight, once the kids are in bed!