Mix and Master of "My Own" Little Chicago's Finest

Hey Everyone,

Found this awesome multi-track of  a group called Little Chicago's Finest and decided to have a go mixing and mastering their track "On My Own"

Check it out and I hope you like it. I'll post below the link for the multi-track in case you want to mix it as well as my mix of it.




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I've never mixed this genre before, so i thought i'd give it a go.


enjoy :)
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Hey guys...
That's a catchy tune! Working with so many vocal layers is always fun. I did some editing to tighten things up even more. Here is my mix:


InPhasemixing Thanks for sharing! Good job on moving the kicks low end punch to the initial transient. You have some serious bass going on for sure. But from a mastering point of view, I'd say your mix is too scooped, meaning too much bass and too little (upper) mids. Which can be problematic with the vocals on certain systems as they are the most import part for this kind of music. You don't want them to be masked by the bass. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the reverb on the vocals. But overall: Good job!

jcode Here you've definitely gone overboard with the bass. Not only does it distort the mastering chain like crazy, it also masks a good portion of the other instruments. For getting a big, deep bass in a mix, I found it very usef... (read more)
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[soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/ecrunner20/my-own-jrh-mix[/soundcloud] Just hoping to get a little feedback, please feel free to rip my mix apart.
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hey 140dBSPL

Thanks for the feedback! Very useful I think the problem i had was that the speakers i used have a separate subwoofer volume control and i assume it was lower than usual so i boosted the bass. I'll remix when i have time and re up-load. :)
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Here is my mix.

I added some fun bass sound.

Check it out.

Please, give me any feedback.
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I'm working on this song now.  I don't listen to rap so I'm wondering what reference mixes to use to help me?  What artists are similar to this?

Any advice would be great.


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InPhasemixing:  I like your mix the best.  You've added a lot of needed energy with the reverbs and delays.  Your levels are spot on too.  Your mix is a bit scooped in the mids - overall but also the kick you used lacks a bit of mid-range energy and sounds over-processed.  It's a good mix and I really like it.

JRH: Overall, you're levels are OK.  However, I'm missing 'glue' ahd bottom end.  Your mix lacks balls and lowend - it sounds like I'm listening on small speakers.  None of the tracks are in an acoustic space  (reverb) so it lacks some cohesion & glue.

hansai1986:  Sounds cool.  Your mix sounds a bit empty though because the bass, drums and vocals are upfront  with the other instruments dry and quite buried.  Overall, just  lacking a bit of excitement and variation I think.

Here's my first go at rap:

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Rap and Hip Hop are not part of my usual gig, so this mix off is particularly exciting for me.

My feedback is broadly the same as Gaz5674's and 140dBSPL's, so I'll keep it brief(er than how I usually talk  :P ):

InPhasemixing: I dig the thick bass, but the scoop pulls out much of the energy overall. I really dig the vocal treatment (so much so that I used it as the vocal reference for my mix  :) )  Possibly too much reverb for the genre, although that may have more to do my personal taste.

jcoode: Easy on the bass and (possibly) compression. Also big +1 for 140dBSPL's EQ tip here; I often use that.

140dBSPL: Love the vocals and love the synths. Did you add harmonies, or pitchshift some elements? It's a really nice touch and subtle addition that adds tonnes of flavour. I mostly dig the balance, but I feels it's missing some thickness in the low end.

JRH: Needs fatness. I also had trouble finding the fatness. The two tricks I use were ... (read more)
Nice punchy kick! I like the saturation on the bass (it's a lot!), although it could maybe use more very low end. This end of the spectrum seems to be dominated by the kick a little too much.
O... (read more)
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Thanks for your feedback.  I could hear what you were saying about my low-end and agreed.  I wasn't happy with how my vocals were sitting so I've tweaked my mix a bit.

Download WAV: http://soundcloud.com/thebridgecv1/little-chicagos-finest-my-own1/download

I like your mix - everything is well balanced and clear.  For the genre, however, I feel it lacks a lot of low-end. 

The kick in the multi-track has a delayed 'thump' so what I did was high-passed the kick around 130hz and then set up a tone generator and had it gated using the original kick as a side chain input.  The tone gen was set to 50hz which gave a nice low punchy kick.  I liked the origin kick's attack, so that why I kept it and just replaced its low end using a tone gen.

With the vocals, the verses were too bright and scooped.  I de-essed, and then I ran him through Fabfilt... (read more)
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Thanks for sharing these multi's
Heres, my mix.