I Want Feedback!!! Please!!

Ok so I did this small mix for my guitarist who wrote a song he wanted to do solo. He performed all the musical parts on garageband and then I transfered those stems to CuBase. I recorded his vocals and then mixed the song. Please give me feedback on what I can do to improve the mix


Thank you

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Hi, I'm new to the forum, and came here from cambridge-mt.
I believe there are a few problems (in my point of view):
- first evident (even visually on soundcloud) bass is too loud. It may be related to weak (non-proper monitoring), that don't let you hear it. I would also try to explore a
- the voice is very thin, dry and high freq eq-ed. I would correct it with some eq (see if there's something in the 800-1kHz that can be pushed up) to give more body to the voice, a de-esser to reduce the sibilance, and a bus with plate reverb to warm it up.
my 2 cents.
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Thank you very much :), I'll look into it and fix it :D
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Ok so I think I fixed the mix :), here's the updated link