I Need A Little Light - MixOff

Hey guys. This is from an artist I helped out sometime last year. I produced and mixed it.

His name is Johnny Helm and he's a great singer songwriter.




Session Files:

Mix File:

Hope you guys have fun with this song.

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Hey Mattski good to see you back man!
Thanks for uploading.  :D
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Great song and awesome production Mattski - once again I might add!
Your mix is nice and open, although I think it's tad bass-heavy. Thanks for sharing the tracks!

I hope I'll have my mix ready tomorrow...
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Nice song! Thanks for sharing.

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Not that I'm good singer or anything, but I recorded some vocal harmonies  ;D ;D I had some Ben Howard-style choir in mind...
Sonically I went for a vocal-upfront, strong 3k, radio kinda mix.


Looking forward to some feedback and the mixes you guys come up with!
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Thank you for sharing, this is a great song.
Here is my mix.

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Thanks for sharing!
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Also thanks for sharing! Great Song and great production!

Just a try at night with headphones  ;)

new Version

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Hi Matt,
thanx for another great song!
Here is my mix&master:

Enjoy :)
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Mattski, thank you very much for those excellent excellent recordings. Maybe the vocals have too much room on them, but that's about it. The challenge lies in getting the right balances and taking care of the "crowded" last chorus :-). Other than that, everything falls into place on it's own. It's pretty hard to really mess this up, so I expect the differences in the mixes to be quite small.

Awesome mix indeed! Maybe a little bright for my taste, but I guess this had been your intention. The bass could be evened out a bit more.

I'd revisit the reverb on the vocals. The space is creates does not seem to fit too good. Maybe it's just a little too much of it. The vocals are very loud in the verses and seem to get masked by the music in the last chorus. I'd automate the vocals to ride evenly on top of the music and maybe give it a little boost in the last chorus. Overall the mix lacks a bit of width (panning?).
I like the frequenc... (read more)
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RiF Nice mix! Good job on keeping the lap steel guitar solo and the vocals both up-front at the end. One thing I'd take a look at is the vocals: During the first parts of the song, they get buried a little as the arrangement slowly gets denser. Oh yeah and the chimes scream for panning automation  ;D