Affirmation - MixOff

This song is a cover I produced a few months ago for an artist named Pali.

The day he finished recording his uke for the project was when he and I found out from the label that it needed to be turned in for mastering in 6 days, and I had 6 songs to finish lol. Most of the time was spent getting the uke sounding the best it could be. Considering I only had about 15hrs to edit, produce and somewhat mix it I think it came out ok. Though it could've been allot better.

Session files:

Mastered File:

Hope you guys enjoy working on this.

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Thanks Mattski!

I think there are some files missing though - at least I can't find any cymbals aside from the hi hat.  ???
My bad, it's fixed now. By the way I didn't include the BPM cause I did allot of tempo changes.
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Hi guys,

my mix&master:

Enjoy :)
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Mattski: Great mix! OH/Ride cymbal is a little loud for me personally but thats about it.
zusto: Good work! I think the uke could use some volume automation in two or three places to keep up in the mix. The drums have just a little too much 2/3k in them for my taste but I guess thats a subjective thing.

Overall the mixes so far sound pretty similar which speaks for the production.
I use many monitors for production and mixing.
Yamaha HS 50's
Adam A7's
JBL LSR with Sub
Pelonis Model 42 with Sub
2 Logitech computer speakers
1 RCA boom bo... (read more)
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Thanks for the track!

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I remember commenting on some of your old mixes which I always liked in the past.

This mix sounds really warm

I think it's excellent but hey what do I know.

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Hi !
I Like the Song.
Here are my Mix-(Try)
I hope you like it.

Hello Bordon, I think overall you did a good job on the song. I found a few issues:

- you may be pushing the output too hard
- I detect some distortion in the Rhodes track – or maybe t... (read more)
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Great track Mattski.

Here's my first mix:

All ITB, as usual.

Tech notes:

- all channels have comp except for pad and Rhodes
- Rhodes has stereo chorus
- uke has EQ, Tape Delay and aux to Ensemble
- bass has Deep Bass Amp
- piano has a little EQ and aux to Space Designer verb
- drums have EQ - hi-hats have aux to Space Designer
- kick drum track is doubled via Logic Drum Replacement/Doubling
- Ozone in the output buss, with a little mastering verb
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Nice cover - interesting idea to play it on a uke. :)
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Oh man, I just took a listen and I love this song. Going to have alot of fun mixing it. Thank you for sharing :)
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Thanks for the great song. A quick mix. Lost the right tone of the kick drum in the end after fixing some other problems. Last version has unexpected distortion in the mix at times.