Bringing Me Down - MixOff

This is from a very talented singer songwriter named Yoza. I was fortunate to have produced and mixed her whole album. This song is called Bringing Me Down.

Session Files:

Mastered File:

Hope you guys enjoy.

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I'ts a great performance, ill enjoy working on this.
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A few changes from the reference mix. Things are just a little fatter overall, brought the guitar down to play with the piano and organ rather than make it a hero, the kick gets a different vibe and the snare gets pushed back in the mix for a more traditional jazz/ballad feel (less in your face).

No mastering really, just a limiter smacking off a db so it's at a comfortable listening volume.

Edit: Looks like Soundcloud will tag the file as copyrighted, uploaded to Dropbox
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UPDATE: I appealed at soundcloud.

In the meantime, 128kps:
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vvv- Your mix is a little too wet for my tastes. There's also a lot of lowend I think can be tidied up. I like the balances between the instruments, but a little less reverb will help them pop.

Here is mine:
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Hello everyone,

here is my mix…
sorry couldn't upload it on sound cloud.

All the best,
Angelo, I like the overall sound of this mix, especially the guitar and vocal sound great. Your effects are subtle as well, which is appropriate. But I must take issue with the treatment of the dru... (read more)
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Same as Andy
Heres my mix @ gearslutz

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Yeah, I know mine''s soaked - I been listening to lotsa Mazzy Star.

Mattski's Original mix - great song and performance, but I find the mix terribly hot and smashed. Not so bad I don't love the song, tho'!

AngeloLorenzo: Lotsa compression, eh?  I'm hearing some artifacts here and there (mebbe from the conversion, more likely from the compression), on the vocal and the guitar. Interesting panning, guitar left and piano right - I thought about that, decided to go more middle, me, but it's a valid decison. Nice job, nicely dry.

Japancakes: no track.

AndyGallas: seems like a dirty mix, inna good way, by what I mean I think I'm hearing some intentional distortion/tape effect.  I like the balance, again nicely pretty dry.

MortenDK:aah, vocal up, very intimate, dislike the guitars panning moves as I find 'em distracting. I like the emphasis on the bass.

BTW, anyone else examine, run a spectral analysis on t... (read more)
That smoky vocal really rocks, as does the guitar with that cool midrange impact. On bass I just cut a bit with a low-shelf and boost a bit in the mids, no compression or notching. The tracks were ... (read more)
Thanks! I've only recently started mixing (background is in guitar) so I really appreciate the feedback. Not too much individual track compression, you're probably hearing me hit a buss compressor ... (read more)

I can assure you my mix isn't too hot or smashed. You might be refereeing to the mastering which in that case I do agree with you to some point. All my mixes could have been handled w... (read more)
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Just noticed, soundcloud reconsidered, and allowed my track as linked above.  8)
Yeah I'm still waiting...
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Mattski - Thanks for the uploads. I always enjoy mixing your stuff - it's usually tracked well enough that it practically mixes itself.  ;D 

AngeloLorenzo - I like the piano hard panned, but I'm not sure about there not being anything hard panned to the opposite side to balance it out.  Maybe put the organ in that space?  Balances are good.

vvv - Good guitar/vocal balance, but the vocal is a lot more verb-y than the guitar, which gives it the impression they're in two different spaces.  Personally I'd use a longer reverb & dial it back, but there are other solutions to that also.  That's what makes this a fun endeavor :)  The bass is interesting - did you add some chorus to it to make it spread out like that, or something else?

Japancakes - no soundcloud file still.

MortenDK- There's some sort of high-end tape hiss behind it?  Not bad, just not sure if it was "intentional" (i.e. a tape saturation plugin or the like).  The vocals are a little dry ... (read more)
Thx for listening!
The noise is unfortunately coming from my little broadcast 6 channel mixer which is starting to be a bit noisy.
Not sure about the clipping tho ???
Don't you hate it when tools we know and love start needing to be replaced? I had the same issue with my little 8 channel POS, and wound up going entirely ITB for now.

The clipping - mayb... (read more)
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Soundcloud did not accept my dispute.  >:(

If you want to hear mine, I'm sorry but you'll have to DL it.