My very first mix

Hi all,

Recently my band recorded a demo. The studio has given me the raw recordings such that I could have a try with mixing myself in Cubase 7.

My approach was 'straightforward'. I bought the book 'Mixing Secrets' from Mike Senior, started with Chapter one and worked through his book while simulteneously using one track from the demo as an exercise. This is a cover called 'Als ze er niet is' from the Dutch band 'De Dijk'.

Obviously, this isn't something that I did in a few days. And I'm still learning but I think I have a good start. There are things I still want to improve, but for now I would like to have as much feedback as possible, which I will use for a next mixing round.

All your input and efforts to comment will be highly appreciated.

Here it is:


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Ok listening while I type this.

Acoustic Gtr is dead center in the mix and I'd pan it, getting out of the vocal space. 

Over all I'd say your vocal is sitting on top of the mix and not 'In' the mix.  Your vocal in the front with the Ac Gtr is to loud you might want to do some volume automation on it to lower it in the front.

Back ground vocals are to loud especially the woman panned hard left.

The break down part or bridge of the song is cool but the horns seem a bit dry and panning them out will make them bigger sounding - they're both dead center in the mix again.

I'd say over all it's not a bad effort but I'd listen closer to your sound staging (positioning of each instrument) and panning.  Do a lot of A/B'ing of well mixed music comparing your mixes to them. 
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Thanks for the comments. Very useful. I'll work on it a bit more.....
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Hi Antonio.

I am Agree absolutely with csiaudio. IMO you need to do your mix sounds bigger.  For that is necessary take in account the panning work and the correct fxs utilization.´

My advide will be choose a good selections of reverb FX and use it  with very very taste.

Also work your mix trying to get a coherente spectral balance getting a democratic control of all elements.

Would not be bad to have the raw tracks in order to give more impressions about what might be possible with them.

In any case you did a good job. Well Done.
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Thanks. I will work on it soon.

The tracks are available in dropbox

or through my website

In both cases you will find the tracks as recorded live in our rehursal room. And a separate folder containing the vocals that were recorded at a later stage in the studio. In fact, these are the vocals for all songs that we recorded. Thus it requires some work to cut the vocals out and combine them with the rest of the band.
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I worked on the song a little bit more, but find it difficult to make a large improvement.

Nevetheless, you can find the previous and new version here:

Thanks for all the input given.
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They are getting better :)