Wouldja help a newcomer? (My first mix)

Hey all !I'm new to the whole mixing/mastering thing, but it fascinates me and I really want to get good at it. I'm currently using a free trial version of Cubase and stumbled upon these raw tracks to practice mixing (I don't own the song, it belongs to the group "Juliet's Rescue") and gave it a shot, but it sounds very weak when I compare it to the actual professional mix/master. Could somebody help me understand what I did incorrectly or sound-wise, and how to sound like the actual track? (I know a little about EQ and reverb and that's about it) Please help!


My mix is called "Self mix" and the actual mix is called "actual mix"

Thanks for any input and please go easy! :)

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Your mix is far too brittle, it hurts to listen to. A beginner's mistake is to concentrate eq around the 1k-3k range because "wow, it instantly helps this sound louder" but you also increase harshness. Train your ear for EQ and I think you'll find the real spot you need to be working in is between 400Hz and 1kHz. With that said, there are balance issues with the lack of bass as well. Everything is just loud and undefined.

If you're just learning, take things in chunks. Try a minimal mix with kick, snare, one key instrument (sounds like keyboard maybe), bass, and vocals. No need to get lost in the other 20 stems I'm sure this has.
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I would have to agree there is allot of issues with eqing and balancing! There is also allot of compression issues which help make that kick stand out!

I think since your new to this that you should start out with just a drum kit, kick, snare, hats, oh, and toms once you can get those down with eq and compression you should have a fairly good ear or atleast a good enough one to get you started! An remember one thing NEVER TO DO is use the presets! Allot of people on here will say they swear by them! But the truth is its going to be different everytime, every place! I have mixed for some big bands and whenever I do them live on a digital console I always get my assistant to show me what he would have done and if they touch the presets THERE FIRED! because when you have a client that is paying millions of dollars to have an incredible show, you can't afford to screw up! Like the old fashioned saying "hear a dog, see a dog" cause 9/10 if they don't hear it, its not there

Best of luck!