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Since i have had a great time recently on here downloading and mixing tracks, id thought i shall 'give back' with one of my bands tracks we recently recorded

Band is called 'Speak, Brother' - www.speakbrother.co.uk

Track is titled 'Dry Bones'

Here is a link a mix i made to give you an idea of the song:

Recorded in a great studio called Woodworm Studios in Banbury, UK, Engineered by Pete Dowsett

Its a sizableish session, around 40 tracks, wanted to leave options for people with the various mics / distances on instruments / voice. There all numbered so hopefully will import in a logical order for you.
I have also included a Midi track for the tempo/time signature if needed, the song has a lot of micro variations in tempo.

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Great song, very nicely arranged, and if your sample mix can give any indication- its also recorded very well.
i have a little project i have to finish first- but i'm already waiting to start off with this one.
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Hello there!
Great, great song!
Here is my mix:

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My mix!


Love the song!

I miss Tubular Bells!

Thanks for listening!

Feedback welcome!  ;D
Andrew Jokerst
I thought the acoustic guitar was a bit low in the mix, it could have especially used a boost in the first verse where it was the main accompaniment instrument.  I also thought the ride cymbals was... (read more)
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Check your levels, all the loud parts are clicking and distorting, and not in a good way.
also, i would add the mix is very dark sounding, also not in a complementing way.

Maybe you've... (read more)
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Very nice Song, thanks for sharing!

Good tonality here, I like how you've brought the piano to the forefront. Good decision since it's one of the best sounding harmonic instruments in these tracks.

While the vocal sounds goo... (read more)
Great mix! Love the sustained Cymbal into the 2nd Verse. Great vocal sound I have to say, although the delay in verse two seems a little out of place compared to verse one where the lead is very dr... (read more)
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Did a mix of this.

*EDIT* Did a few small mix changes to make it pop a little more.

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Hi folks,
my mix & master:


Enjoy :)
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First thing that came to mind when I heard this song was "Mumford and Sons". I should have used something from them as a reference, but I didn't :-\
The vocals needed tons of automation both volume and EQ wise and I could spend another day fine tuning them. Overall I had the impression that the recording pretty much dictated where the mix had to go. As it should be. Here is my mix:


Flipside Nath Thanks for sharing! Good job! To make your mix sound more "like a record" (whatever that actually means...), I'd recommend improving the separation of the individual instruments and some automation on the lead vocals to make them sit perfectly. Overall I think your mix could use a little more high end.

johnkaf Like the reverb on the cymbals. I personally think it's a little too much on the lead vocals. NICE dynamics and volume balances. The bass might be a little too loud thou... (read more)
You must have confused me with someone else- because i didnt upload my mix yet :)
;D ;D ;D Indeed.  ;) Fixed. Thanks!
Flipside Nath
Interesting to see the reference to mumford. As a band it is something we have been trying to move away from sound wise. And that was the plan in the recording and mix.

I never mentioned i... (read more)
Absolutely! But there seem to be good and bad imperfections. And it always depends on the genre. As always, finding the right balance is the hardest thing. And there is always taste, oh well....
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Here is my mix:


i did ride the quiet parts to some extent but i kinda wanted to leave the original recording, with all of its intentions. also i used a lot of the room and ambiance sounds- more than i'm used to.
beautiful song, and i think i did a good job on it, if I may say so.. :)

let me know what you think.
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Here is my mix.
Thank you for the tracks.