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Since i have had a great time recently on here downloading and mixing tracks, id thought i shall 'give back' with one of my bands tracks we recently recorded

Band is called 'Speak, Brother' - www.speakbrother.co.uk

Track is titled 'Dry Bones'

Here is a link a mix i made to give you an idea of the song:

Recorded in a great studio called Woodworm Studios in Banbury, UK, Engineered by Pete Dowsett

Its a sizableish session, around 40 tracks, wanted to leave options for people with the various mics / distances on instruments / voice. There all numbered so hopefully will import in a logical order for you.
I have also included a Midi track for the tempo/time signature if needed, the song has a lot of micro variations in tempo.

Audio Files..

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Mix by Cru jones. Fun Song. Hope you dig.

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here is my try on this song!
tell me what you guys think! :D

Hm, overall it's pretty good I think, but there are areas to work on:

-The reverb. Vocal is a bit too "wet", and has a different sense of space than most of the other instruments
-The ... (read more)
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Hey, here's a quick mix i made .. As a lot of people said before, this was really well recorded which always makes it easier to mix .. And it also is a good song, so it was fun to mix .. anyway, heres the mix, any feedback is appreciated .. cheers

Hello Arturo. I like what you did with the opening, giving emphasis to the stomps. I actually didn't use that track at all.

I think you have a great mix overall. I would personally reduce ... (read more)
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Hello folks, well it's been a while since I was available to contribute to Mixoff. Feels good to be back though!

Hm, there's a few things to say, hope I can remember them all.  ;D

First off, I'll say that regardless of how much this song may sound like Mumford & Sons, it's still YOUR song and has a lot of merit artistically and performance-wise. Be proud.

Now, as to my mix. Here's the link and technical notes:


- As others have commented, yes it's well-recorded and that certainly helps a lot in the overall process. It's one of those "songs that mixes itself", more or less.

- Because it's not a rock song per se, I didn't go for that kind of mix. Instead I opted for a more "folk with rock overtones" approach. Bottom end is punchy but not overbearing. Vocals and acoustic instruments have prominence.

- Instruments all have articulation, but becaus... (read more)
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Hey Andrew,
Yeah, this is Chase from class. This was a crazy song to mix, but it was a lot of fun. I'm taking a listen to your right now, thanks for the input on mine! The only thing that really stood out to me at first listen is that I'm expecting the vocals to come in strong at the beginning, but they're a little low. Same thing happens on the second verse as well. Loving the full space you gave everything, as you could tell I did have some issues with the guitar and piano fighting. Though it seems you were able to take care of that! I'm loving the attention you gave the stomps, taking me back to Bay City Rollers, hah!
See you in class!
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My first post here  ;D
So here's my mix:

I've tried to keep it pretty clean and natural, with a good dynamic range. Would love to get some tips, wanna know where i stand. :)
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Hey everyone!

My name is Andrew Jokerst.  I have mixed this song to post here for an assignment in my university mixing class.  Here is my mix:


First of all, I loved the song, definitely reminded me of Mumford and Sons.  The number of tracks was a bit overwhelming, but they were very well recorded so once I got a feel for the song, I found that I didn't have to do as much as I thought I would to get a solid mix.

Feel free to reply with any comments, compliments, or criticisms!
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Taomine: I really like your mix.  Everything is really clear and audible.  It does lack a bit of low-end, and is perhaps a little wet, but I really like it.  Good job.  Low-end is hard to get right because it is so dependant on the room being accurate and the monitors having good bass extension.

crtjstr: Overall, good mix.  I don't like the distortion I'm hearing on the vocals because I feel it spoils the intimacy.  It's a bit like shouting sweet nothings into your girlfriend's ear - it doesn't really work lol.  I think the reverb on the stomps is pretty outrageous, but I think that's you being creative, which is cool.

Good work both of you.
Gaz5674, Thank you for the review! After listening to the mix on some other speakers I came to same conclusion and am current;y tweaking it to better suit things all around. As far as the LF goes, ... (read more)
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Thanks for the feedback, crtjstr! I'm constantly trying to improve my mixing, so I'll be around here for a while. It is a doozy, but it's nice practice!
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Fantastic song!  I actually downloaded the stems a while ago, and promptly forgot until the other night.  :o


@Taomine - it is a doozy of a song, isn't it. =)  I like your vocal tone, and it seems to sit well with the guitar.  A little wet/reverby for my taste, but that's preference. Good dynamics on the turnarounds where the groups/BGVs come in.  I feel like the stomps & kick could be bigger