Hi I recorded my first band


Hi I recorded my first band, I don't have a studio I recorded from a community center, which was a medium hall space and quite reflective. Also the drummer had a new skin on his kick drum and I didn't want to ask him to cut a hole in it so the kick was weak.
And I tried a few different mike techniques for the drum like stereo spaced and recorder man but there was so much spill and reverb I had to cut most the mikes and just use kick, snare, tom and an overhead.

I'm just trying to figure out how to make it sound like a professional track you would expect to hear, I think i've made progress and hoping to make some more when trying to master it.

Any ideas and what do you not like about it the most?

Thanks for your help I really appreciate it, just found this website and it's an amazing asset to have access to/

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If you view this post please could you comment, I could really use some input
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The Soundcloud link is broken. Would love to take a listen to your mix if you can get it back up.
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link is broke