acoustic video session - mixoff

Hey everyone,
Just started recording some acoustic video sessions for an online music publication and I could definitely use a nice little mix on these tracks. Here's what I'm working with...

2 mic set up. One condenser on a stand in front of the guitarist/vocalist and then a shotgun mic that I use for interviews normally is propped up higher and directed towards his mouth to catch more vocals. I'm using a small Sound Devices 2 channel mixer and recording it all with a tascam device. Nothing special I know, but I'm also not really in the business of audio.

I'm looking to just have this balanced out and make sure there isn't any peaking in the levels, I'd like to keep it sounding very raw and live sounding since this will be synced to the video. If you could add some warmth to it that would be awesome.

Anyway, see the attached file below. Hope someone can help me out, thanks!!!!

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Moonwrist ---

This sounds awesome, I've got 2 other songs for these videos that have some really bad peaking issues. Would you be interested in doing the exact same thing to them?
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was the dropbox deleted? everyone seems to post stems but then it never works... wtf..
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Dropbox link is no longer active. Would you mind reposting? Thanks.