PornoScope - catchy rock song with a lot of options!

[font=georgia=georgia]Hey Guys!

I've uploaded the multitrack files for a song that my band has currently recorded. We are quite inexperienced in mixing, so I thought maybe you would like to take a shot at it!

There is a lot of freedom and opportunity to try out your ideas, since the drums are in MIDI (with a ref track included, considering mapping issues), all the guitar and bass tracks are DI, so you can easily give the whole song a new meaning :) Also all guitar parts are tracked a couple of times, using multiple guitars. Extra parts also have been recorded so it's your choice where to include them if include at all... :)

Lead vocals have been tracked 3 times, background vocals 5 times :)

I'm really curious about your mixes, and the different approaches that you will come up with!

Thank you all! :)

Some info that I've forgotten to include the first time:
Tempo: 226 bpm
Sample rate: 48 kHz
Bit-depth: 24 bit

Here is the official mix of the song, made by our great friend Adi Owsianik!
Be sure to check him out, he makes awesome and punchy mixes!

Link for the instrument tracks:
Link for the vocal tracks:[/font]

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Not really a reference mix, since we have just finished tracking it, but an earlier draft mix of the song can be found here:


The drums have been rewritten, every track has been re-recorded, and background vocals added, but maybe it helps to get a grip about the song :)
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My mix!


Greetings from Slovenia!  ;D
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Hello Neighbour!!! :D

Thank you very much! I kinda miss that 16th notes guitar pattern from the verse, and I miss some beef from the guitar solo, but I really love what you've done to the drums and the bass :D:D:D
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This is my first mix for the forum and I'm pretty new to mixing in general as you can probably tell.

I liked the punk sound of this song, so didn't change any of the arrangement and just focused on the guitar tone etc. I also kept all the vocals, I liked the gang vocal style.  Fitted the song

Thanks for letting is mix this
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Hi steeleaudio!

Thank you very much for your mix, it is of course appreciated!
I'm really glad that you liked the punkish nature of the song. Yes it can be told that you are new to mixing, but the fact that you are here and working on mixes is the absolute proof of the perfect attitude, you will get better at it very soon!
A cool guy on an other forum made an amazing mix of this song, as soon he finalizes it, I will post it here also, we all can learn very much from it!

Keep up the good work, and don't forget to check in here as we will post more mixoffs in the future! :)

(and just for a little correction, we are a hungarian band, and we are called L.I.E.S. which stands for Live In Extreme Sex :D the title of the song is actually Pornoszkop - combined the words porn and horoscope) :D
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Hey there iam downloading the track any info like bpm or sample rate it a pain in ass if there is is a sample rate  confusion
and there no mix to come pair it to
any way Ill take a shot at it at home later sound like fun and it seem your giving us free rain to do as we please with this nice
to explore new ideas thank for the upload
Mas audio..
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Hi Mas Audio!

Sorry for my mistake, this is the first mixoff ever that I've uploaded hence the missing info! But I want to do everything to make the mixing easier, so the tempo is 226 bpm, and the sample rate is 48 kHz for all the audio files!
You are absolutely right about the free rain thingy! We've just discovered this forum a couple weeks ago, and it can bring amazing results that a song of us is mixed by people who never heard it before. We have worked so much on them, that we are very biased about the arrangement and tones, but you may create something entirely different, even a much better song out of it. That's why everything is double-, or multitracked and recorded DI or MIDI. Also there are different lead guitar variations, so it's up to you to choose your favourite, combine them together or simply ignore them :)

As I mentioned before, a polish friend of ours already sent a quite cool mix, but I'm unsure about posting it here, since I don't want it to... (read more)
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And one tiny request from my side!
Would someone who works a lot with DI guitar tracks give those tracks a listen, and share their oppinion with me? Not playing-wise, since I'm not anywhere near to what you would call a guitar hero, but rather regarding sound/tone quality, and "usability" :) i'm really curious, because I've implemented a little experimentation during the recording, and I wonder of it actually made the tracks better, or it's just me :) thanks in advance!!
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generally I would just listen to the mix to take care of issues like sampling rate and kinda get an idea of where the band want to go with the mix however you answer these questions for me so I'll just go ahead take a listen to the track draw it together the way I felt it should be and hope you enjoy them
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Note when saving MIDI tracks it always best to use the GM setting that way when we import them to daws they play and as the reference track cause import them now has the drums all f up no big deal it just more time  we need to spend which in a real case would cost you more money..