Lynyrd Skynyrd - Workin' For MCA Cover (No Vocals)

This is a cover I did for fun of one of my favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd songs. I played the Guitar and Bass on the track. Drums and Piano were midi with SSD for the drums and EZ Keys Grand Piano for the Piano. I also Mixed and Mastered completely "In The Box".

Let me know your thoughts guys, Thanks!

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First off, I'm a HUGE Skynyrd fan so major props for the cover (especially for one of their "less popular" songs)! Overall, the balance of the mix sounds pretty good, maybe just one or two adjustments that I'd recommend:

1) The overall tone (to me) sounds a little too "scooped" for a 70's classic rock tune. That being said, if you were going for more of an 80's mix than you're right on the money!

2) The Kick (to me) is a bit hot. I think if you backed it off around 2db it would allow the bass to really shine in the mix.
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Thanks for the feedback! I like what you did to it, it gave it a more warm, analog, and vintage feel. I wish I had a second set of ears on everything I do because I think working on songs through the recording, engineering, and mastering starts to make it hard for me to really focus in on it, and its good to have someone who has never heard it before put that final touch on it. Thanks again for taking the time to critique and going the extra mile. I'll be sure to go back and make those changes to the mix.
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Hi there

Hoping that this link works for you. I had a listen. Great guitar work. Huge Skynyrd fan for decades. I figured I would try to add some value to this via drumanimal05's revisions. Here is your mix run through the Slate Digital VTM. Great job, my only real thought would be a little lighter on the kick in the mix.