4-27-14_"Futile"_avail. 1 month- CLOSED

104 mb *.zip

Aiight, this is a choon where I took a out-take of drums (recorded by me) from our first Bustouts album and wrote something new over it.

I am giving you the drum tracks in all of their ragged glory; the drummer and I initially disagreed on how to mic the kick and so it's very boomy, not much attack, and needs work - I reco using a gate and EQ and compression as the raw drum tracks have none of that.

The two fretless basses, five guitars and multiple vocals were all recorded in my bedio right after I wrote the song this afternoon.

This is that fresh!

The track names include the recording chain; the drums were done inna 80' x 60' x 10' unfinished basement; the bass is DI and mic'd; the guitars are close-mic'd, the vox have some medium compression.  I gave ya a cleaned-up submix of the BV's for my convenience.

I have attached a "faders-up" mix in 128 kps *.mp3 for a general idear of what you are getting into - note the drums on the *.mp3 have gate and EQ and compression and verb on 'em to my taste - they are mebbe 80% there.

I'll leave this up about a month.

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Thanks dude, I'll have a go at this, still very new to mixing so don't expect much
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Aiight, I reckon my finished mix is here ...
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Short but sweet, it sounds, "mastered".  8)
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Hey man, going to give this a look at. No promises though! Cheers
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