End Game - Mixoff Fun. (21 Tracks)

Hello Mixoff engineers.

This is quite an awesome site.
I have done a few of the songs that have been posted and had fun doing them so I figured I would spread the joy with a song for you

I just finished recording this project and have asked the artist, if I could post a song or two on this forum to spread the fun. He was good with it.

All vocals were done with the Telefunken Copperhead (C-29) as well as on the acoustic and electric guitars. One of my favorite mics for sure.

All the stems I'm posting have no plugs on them.

Drums were recording at a different studio by the drummer himself. (friend of the artist)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing what your interpretations are.

I'm posting the files in flac format.

If you look at the top right hand corner you will see a link to a post about flac.

here's the link.



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Thank you Maddog28
Would you please share your mix, raw mix or a preview of the song?
So we can listen it and get the vibe, style, groove, etc of the song and decide if we could give it a try.
Thank you and thanks the artist for sharing this.
MixOff.org is a great place.
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I will try and get one up monday or tuesday.
I'm at home right now getting ready for my son's 1st birthday.
I'll try and get to the studio monday or tuesday and upload a mix from there.

But, if you want to give it a go, feel free.
Personally, I tend not to listen to someone else's mix before I mix, that way i can be as creative as I want, without being biased.
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So, I had a couple of hours to mess abut with it at home tonight after my son went to bed.
Not ideal as it was all done within the cans, and it doesn't do it justice, but it's just a quick mix for people to get a feel of the song.
I tell you, I haven't mixed at home in ages and I really miss my gear when I don't have it on hand.

Anyway, hope you have fun with it.
I'll check back in a couple of days to see if anyone gave it a try.

Have a great weekend.

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Hi. Piano R and Piano L are one and same channel. There's no stereo piano here.

EDIT: Also some of the (floor) toms hits are missing from the cleaned tom tracks.
Sorry for the late response, Had a lot going on family wise.

Yes, you are quite right, that the piano was not stereo.
It was recorded from the grand in our church and I went out of th... (read more)
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Thank you. My son's 1st year is coming soon, on may 26th, I know how it is.

"Personally, I tend not to listen to someone else's mix before I mix, that way i can be as creative as I want, without being biased."
I prefer this way too, but when it comes to mixing for pleasure or practice, I prefer to listen the song first and decide if I will go for it. It depends of how well recorded it was, genre, emotional vibe. You know, have fun mixing it knowing money is not going to come with it.
Thank you for the preview. I'm downloading it. I let you know my comments and share my mix.
Sorry for the late responses.

Looking forward to hearing your mix.
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Very nice, thanks!

Here's my mix:

[new master with added mids]
Hi living sounds,

So far I've only listened through my ipad, as I'm at home right now.
I'll have a listen through the monitors when I get to the studio, but my quick thoughts are as fo... (read more)
living sounds
Thanks Maddog28! Listening again a couple days after mixing the song I agree with your criticism, especially regarding the BG vocals.

I'm a pianist by training, so naturally the piano com... (read more)
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My shot, thanks for sharing:
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Really like the raw files, shame that it slows down/speeds up quite noticeably in parts. I am about half way through mixing at the moment :)
Yeah The artist really had trouble with the click track... couldn't keep in time with it.
He opted to just take the best scratch track and hoped that the other musicians would be able to go wi... (read more)
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Here is a mix for you to listen to man! https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ojwhgxnjkx0ctx/End_Game_MixOff_hmd.anderson.m4a
I had a heap of fun doing that, especially the guitar solo...love it!
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End Game by Maddog28. Remixed by Johan Sae-Thao at Studio 14.