End Game - Mixoff Fun. (21 Tracks)

Hello Mixoff engineers.

This is quite an awesome site.
I have done a few of the songs that have been posted and had fun doing them so I figured I would spread the joy with a song for you

I just finished recording this project and have asked the artist, if I could post a song or two on this forum to spread the fun. He was good with it.

All vocals were done with the Telefunken Copperhead (C-29) as well as on the acoustic and electric guitars. One of my favorite mics for sure.

All the stems I'm posting have no plugs on them.

Drums were recording at a different studio by the drummer himself. (friend of the artist)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing what your interpretations are.

I'm posting the files in flac format.

If you look at the top right hand corner you will see a link to a post about flac.

here's the link.



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Your site has been recognized as a publisher as well, we have to go get more knowledge is quite good.
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Nice track, here's my first rough mix. Needs automation and more work.

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Here's my take on this excellent recording by maddog,
all comments and critiques are appreciated!



and as a FLAC here
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Hey Guys,
iam new to this forum, enjoyed many of the mixes from Maddogs recordings so far.
Thanks for this Practice oportunity.

Iam just a beginner in the business but i tried a mix by myself to see if you guys like it.
Iam thankfull for any advice.

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Hi there,

Just did a quick mix on this tune. Love the female backup vox on this. Wish I had more time to spend. Please make comments, I need them. ;)

Hey Joe, ("where you goin with that gun"      yeah, I know you've probably heard that a million times, sorry;)

So Your mix,

The Snare: is full of all the good punchy wonderfulnes... (read more)
Most of the imperfections in the track are really not for a mixer to fix. They are mostly timing and pitch issues which would normally be fixed before the track gets to the mixing stage. Fixing the... (read more)
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Hi i am new to mixing so any type of feedback will be great thank :)



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My mix!


Beautifull song, terible up and down tempo drums playing!

Thanks for listening!
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Hi Maddog, sorry to put you through some more listening, but here is my attempt at mixing your End Game stems.

Thanks for the opportunity, would really appreciate any feedback anyone has for me as I'm fairly new to the game, but loving it :)

I apologize for not getting around to do proper listening until now. It's been quite a busy in my world.
I finally got my home music room set up, so I can do more fun stuff here.... (well, it'l... (read more)
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I absoluetely feel your pain having gone through similar situations, but:

Never talk bad about your customers! At the very least not publicly. He might even read this...