Rushford Mile - Gettin' Gone


Here's a country song that I recorded and mixed (also performed) this past year. It's called "Gettin' Gone" by Wisconsin country band Rushford Mile.

I would love to hear your mixes of this song, so please reply with them to this forum!

Here's my version of it:


Here's the link to the mulitracks:

If you post the song in SoundCloud, please make sure to label it like this: Rushford Mile - Gettin' Gone (*your name* remix).


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You guys got some nice mixes inhere.

I also gave it a shot but I might've overprocessed it a bit, can't tell at the moment because my ears are tired lol. Let me know what you guys think.
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I know this is an old post, but this is one of my first attempts to mix a professionally recorded song.
Thanks for the opportunity.
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Hey Tyler, Thanks for reviewing the mix. I went back and listened for the things you'd mentioned and could have separated some things further. I went a bit hot on the rhythm guitars. Some mixes seem to be getting overly bright and I find myself sometimes shooting for less purposefully.  I enjoyed your mix as well man. You featured the instruments differently and I enjoyed. I've never mixed country, so to me something like that banjo track took less precedence to the modern country angle I tried for which was a rock mix... Cheers! -Paul
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Paul,  Mix overall doesn't sound bad, I felt like there wasn't much being done as far as panning and you might consider doing more with giving each instrument some space to be heard. I also felt like the Rhythm guitar was a bit too overpowering and drowned out things like the FIddle,Banjo and Organ. Overall I felt like the mix lacked a whole ton of presence and felt very midrangey.  However I liked how you dropped everything down in the bridge and made it seem far away.

Here is mine, and yes I realize this is an old post but still very thankful to get to work with a mix this thick!  Soo many guitar tracks!

I used mostly Softtube and Isotope components and Logic.

Thanks for Listening!
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Hello EVERYONE!~ Please HOLLER back and tell me what you think. This is my first mix posted to this site and after 5 years of mixing experience ITB I'd seriously like to hear your opinion! Be honest. Like it if you like it, critique it if you would as well, Cheers ~Paul Douse  8)
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Really Good song
Happy to mix this one
Comments are welcome
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Alright, so I didn't get to spent as much time as would have liked on this between projects. But here's the dropbox link until SoundCloud finishes processing the file. I was having fun experimenting with Ozone 6, so it might not be my best work, hahah!

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Here's the updated link:

Looking forward to hearing more mixes.
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I'll second that sentiment! I'll keep checking back, took a listen the other day and would like to take a crack at it!