Rushford Mile - Gettin' Gone


Here's a country song that I recorded and mixed (also performed) this past year. It's called "Gettin' Gone" by Wisconsin country band Rushford Mile.

I would love to hear your mixes of this song, so please reply with them to this forum!

Here's my version of it:


Here's the link to the mulitracks:

If you post the song in SoundCloud, please make sure to label it like this: Rushford Mile - Gettin' Gone (*your name* remix).


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Hi  :)  Awesome song, thanks for sharing!!
Would love to mix this, however, the download gets canceled after a couple of MB. I tried four times now, always the same... could there be a problem with the server?
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Oops...try this one (I'll update the original post) :
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Did you record drum samples from these session? I'd love get a snare sample from here (to use in this mix). If not, I'll just have to grab one from somewhere inside the song.
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Hey there, Spede...I think so. I'll take a look and reply back to this.

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Hi MixerAM, the link didn't seem to work. Would you be able to try it again?
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Here are some drum samples from the session. I included Kick, Snare, Snare Room, Rack Tom, and Floor Tom.
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The link still doesn't seem to work.
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The way dropbox behaves seems to have changed. I'm having huge issues in getting a public link. (Finished my mix).

EDIT: Seems only pro dropbox users get public folder nowadays. **** ***!

EDIT2: ...And this seems to be a way to circumvent this:
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Allright. Let's see how this goes. I had started my work on this couple of days ago before getting the snare sample (the "dry" sample is missing the first half of waveform but the stereo one has the full transient so I used that one). I've been pretty busy in life recently so I've only had couple of hours per day to work on this (usually I mix these song in a single 4-6 hour session).

Like I said earlier, I think these are great drum tracks (and a good drummer). I didn't have any use for the mono room (with it's slapback reverberation) so I ditched for a tighter sound. This would be even tighter if there was a hihat mic; now all the cymbals sound just a bit too washy for my taste.

Gettin' Gone SpedeMix

EDIT: For some reason the above link doesn't seem to work for me. I assume it's the same for everybody else too. So here's another one, which you can download.
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Spede! Thanks for mixing this.

Good mix. This is probably the direction I would've taken had the client not told me to "countrify" mine. :) It's tight and punchy and I dig what you got out of the guitars. Was that a kick sample in there? Any other samples that you used? What did you use on the bass guitar? Any other troubles besides the washy hats?