A.G.E. - Family, one of my first multi-track recordings.

This site is exactly what I was looking for, going to have to go mix some of those punk songs later (I love punk).

Anyway, I have been doing little recordings here and there but when my band decided we wanted to record an album I went ahead and started to put together a small studio for myself. This is from our first recording session. I have learned a lot since then so once I get some vocals recorded on our newer tracks I will start getting those up.

Also, my drumming has improved since this track as well, I want to overdub the drums sometime with my new beat for it and the vocalist isn't happy with his performance.

First off, here is my mix. http://musichack.org/x25/AlbumMP3%27s/family%20final%20vocals,%20test%20mix%20near%20final.mp3

I ran into the limits on my Core 2 Duo 2ghz laptop with 2gb of ram on this track. The mix is ok listening to it back, I spent about 20 hours on it being my first big mix and my first crack at Cubase LE 4.

I am still not happy with the vocal sound, everything else I can live with though.

Ok, now for the nitty gritty of it.

Recording was done using my Tascam US-1641 USB 2.0 interface and it's built in mic pre's into Cubase LE 4 at 24/44.1 on my Thinkpad t60p running a Core 2 Duo T7200 (2ghz) and 2gb of ram.

Drum mics consisted of two CAD CM217's in a recorderman setup (look it up, it's handy) a GLS ES-57 on the underside of the snare and a Shure PG52 in the kick (Should have put it further in for more beater sound, live and learn right?).

The first guitar track (the cleanest and the only one with a single mic) was recorded with an SM57 about 1/3rd of the way out from the center of the cone on a Fender Model 85 combo amp. The guitar is a late 90's Squire Strat (Black, but I don't think the color will really effect the sound. :P )

Bass is a Squire Affinity Jazz bass recorded direct.

During the main take with bass, drums and guitar the guitar cabinet was in a closet inside separate from the drums (no bleed though, which is nice).

The next two guitar tracks were done with four mics each. The cleaner sounding one with reverb is the the 85 again with an Sm58 right against the grill at the edge of the dustcap, an SM57 about 2/3rds of the way out and pointing at the wall of the cone as well as an MXL 990 pointing at the center of the cone 3ft back or so along with an Audio Technical omni goosneck mic stuck against a wall for room sound.

The most distorted guitar track is a broken combo amp I can never remember the name of with the same mic set up as the Fender.

Vocals were done with an MXL 990 and an SM58 placed 2" to the side of it along with an audio technica goose neck omni (again forget the model number) up against a wall 3ft away to pick up some natural re-verb.

Please note the vocalist had a head cold the day we tracked the vocals, we will be doing a new take sometime.

All tracking was done in my garage.

Mixing was done on my Vandersteen 2Ci speakers being run by a Magnavox 6V6 PP tube amp. The mix was checked on my laptop speakers, Grado SR-60 headphones and home theater system (Advent Laureates and a JVC receiver).

Here are the tracks:


Have fun with it, I love hearing different peoples take on mixing songs.

And here are some pictures of the setup for no other reason than I can.

Command central, always located behind the drum kit (I have gotten a nice new to me kit since this track was done).

The bassist messing around with my kit and the guitarist off to the side. You can see the mic setup on the kit here.

Shot of me at my kit with the bassist in the background at his station.

The guitarist getting set up for an overdub.

The mic setup for the overdubs.

The vocalist doing his thing.


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Ahhh. Now a real challenge. Let's see what happens with this song.
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I nearly fell out of my chair laughing, that is awesome and very different.
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Enjoy the tasty goodness...
I changed the bass a bit, less delay on it, except at the end.

As you can hear, I did not use any of the guitar's mics, only the DI.

I used BOTH vocals. Why not...

Now please remove the pictures, and everyone will think you guys are AWESOME!!!
Or dress in weird 60's dark funky metalhead-like stuff...
goose 134
Holy crap.  That.  was.  AWESOME.  Changed the vibe of the band completely.  Really nice job.
Thanks Goose. I don't get a chance to mix this sort of stuff very much anymore...so it's fun for me... listen to my Country mix over in the Folk forum... that genre I do more and more, so I took mo... (read more)
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Hi, your link does not seem to work...
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Ok, lets try that again.. I need to learn to spell!

Sounds good, I like what you did with the bass.
Thanks, a little heavy on the guitar but I just can't help myself..
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Here's my mix.

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Enjoy the tasty goodness...
I changed the bass a bit, less delay on it, except at the end.
A totally awesome remix - an inspired bit of creativity - I could hear this being played on a "to cool for you" alternative radio station... I was just waiting for the drop & the big dancey beats to come in - that would top it off in my mind
Top job!
Thanks. I had fun doing this one. Maybe I'll ad those "dancey beats" later on...
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Here's my mix


Sounds great. I am curious what you did with the snare?
Thanks for the comment.

All i can tell you for now (as my computer died so its in the process of repair) is i also used a sample.
As soon as my computers back to life i can tell you more if you like.
Ah, ok. I was going to say that didn't sound like my snare drum. :P
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Ok, here's some screenshots of my mix of your song :

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Here's mine: