Baby Blue - Bad Finger (Cover Song) 125bpm, 4/4 Key of B

Hey, This is a fun track that I've been working on for a project at my school (Atlanta Institute of Music & Media)

We tracked a band over a few weeks on this awesome cover song.

Vocal credits go to Carly Krantz of (Kenotia) and Travis Hill of (We Are Only Fiction/Ruxspin)
Bass Performance by Louis Texidor
Guitars were performed by myself.

Here's a link to a reference track of the mix that I did for the original session.
This forum has given me lots to practice on, I figured its time to give back a great session.
Have Fun!


and here's the link to all the Stems

and here's a list of what we used for mic's

Kick in- Shure Beta 91
Kick Out- Yamaha Sub Kick
Snare Top- Senheiser md421ii
Snare Bottom- Audix i5
Rack Toms- Shure Bet 56a
Floor Toms- Senheiser md421ii
Hi-Hat- AKG C430
Over Heads- Earth Works TC 25
(mid-side technique on room mic's)
Room Center- Audio Technica AT4040
Room Sides- AKG c414b

Bass Guitar- DI

Electric Guitars- Summed Mono md421 and SM57- also DI of the same performances for re-amping

Acoustic Guitar- AKG C414b

Lead and Harmony Female Vocals - AKG C414

Lead Male Vocals- Neumann TLM103

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Nice performance!
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Thanks, this whole session was a ton of fun
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Nice Singer and drumsound, but the timing... Here´s my try with sampled drums:
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himynameisrenzo Thanks for sharing. I'm under the impression that the original drum sounds are pretty good. Good enough to do a mix without samples. However, something is fishy with the transients. If you look at the snare, there are inconsistencies in the attack curves and (seemingly) phase. My best guess would be that the crossfades from drum editing are eating some transients every now and then, which is a pity, really. Even drum replacement doesn't work well because the trigger can't find the right positions. Some snare hits are downright faded it. Gotta say, this takes the fun away a little from this production that I was really looking forward to :P
However, I might consider this a challenge and have a look at it - later  ;D
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Hm, strange. There were no prior drum edits. Straight from the board, to pro tools, to a bounce of the stems. possible issue from uploading to box and then downloading? I'm not really sure what to say, however, I do hope to figure out what the issue is. Ill take a look at the files.
Yeah, absolutely ;D As for the signal chain, I'll quote:
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I can't imagine this having anything to do with uploading the files. If there is no processing on the tracks, the only thing that makes sense is that the drums simply sound that way, which would surprise me. Unless it's a mistake on my end. Although i didn't do anything to them. I'll investigate further...
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The timing of all the tracks is seriously off, and the female vocals don't fit at all. Sounds like the two singers did their takes independently of each other and without listening to each other.

I fixed the timings, tried to chop and stretch the backup vocals to fit a little better, but it still doesn't sound great. Perhaps the two vocal tracks were never meant to be used together?

I completely dropped the female "lead vocal" track. Other than that I used all the original seps, dropped the DIs because the amp'ed guitars sounded fine, and this is the result:

It's just a static and quick mix.
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Thanks for sharing, here is my take...

buried the male vocals a little since they are way to off. Also, Beside the timing issues, there is something weird going on with the transients and the Subkick is weird too.

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Yea the vocals were never meant to be used together, the female vocals were the main set. The male vocals were a separate take I had done all together separately when I was deciding on a vocalist. As far as timing goes, perhaps I am wrong but I'm not feeling any timing inconstancies. I felt like everything was tracked pretty well in time. I'm not exactly sure where these issues are happening i'll have to look into it further. Sorry for anything that is off, I honestly am not seeing any of it on my end.
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Hmm... are you absolutely sure there is no processing on the drums?  No fancy gate or noise reduction plugin or something? We had a similar problem here with a different song a while ago. To me it sounded like some pre-ringing artifact. Turns out it was bad editing crossfades from pocketing...
Check out the attached image. Usually, a snare doesn't do that.
Of course there is always the possibility the drums sounded that way. But kick and snare?
I started playing with it and just assumed the drums were tracked crazy hot and had some weird artifacting/clipping scenario - either at the mic or converter. Maybe a compressor set oddly?
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I don't know. It's not clipped. Oddly enough, the OH tracks have the same "pre-ringing" going on as the snare. That is unless I'm imagining things of course... My best guess would be editing (which... (read more)
I'd love for the op to let us know the signal chain and maybe some pics if the session? This is one of those things that just I'd like to know the answer to for my own curiosity sake, know what I m... (read more)