My first mix here! What do you think?

Hi, this is the first time I'm posting here.

I work just in the box.

Pro Tools LE, Superior Drummer and Waves plugins is what I use most.

No vocals because I don't sing and I don't have a vocalist for now.


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Hi! Some quick notes: Guitar solo could be louder imo. Overall, not at all a bad mix for a beginner! The performance could be a tighter, especially in the beginning with all the guitar layers. This will work wonders on the mix ;) Those sampled drums are often almost too punchy. You have to be careful with compression here.
Hi, thanks for the tips.

I've been mixing for several years now and that track is very old. I added too many guitars back then, and I also used the master bus for limiting and compressing ... (read more)
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so why did you post it then ?
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I like the vibe of the song a LOT! The drum samples don't really fit the style though. They're too bright and processed for the warm (almost 70's) guitar tones. Other than that it sounds nice.
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Hi jucanery,

overall quite good. My first impressions were that the drums were a bit bright, and/or lacking a bit in the low end. Also, as others have said, the lead guitar parts at the start could be louder. Also, the guitars at the start (the cleaner guitars) could use something to fatten / thicken them up, to my ear they sounded like they were DI'd maybe? Or at least recorded using a transistor amp, is that right? Either way, some sort of effect to add a bit of edginess as well as fattening would sound better to my ear, maybe not on all the guitars, but at least one. Also, some more separation between the guitars at the start, either with panning, or eq, or both might help.

When the dirtier guitar kicked in, the mix worked better. The dirty guitar contrasted much better with the rest of the mix than the guitars at the start did.

For your drums, I hear them as a bit bright - others may or may not agree. But if the consensus is that they are a bit bright,... (read more)
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I agree that the drums does not fit the overall sound well, and also, they sound too familiar (which I won't prefer personally).
The song have a good melody.
I'd suggest to make the overall sounding fatter (guitars-wise especially) and change the drum samples to something else. :)