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Hey guys, very glad to find and register in the forum!
I was wondering if you could give me some tips on mixing my band.
We recorded four songs in a living room while being filmed on camera. We are a six piece band (Singer, 2 gtrs, drums, bass and keys/piano -according to the song-).
Drums were recorded with an XY, an MD421 on the kick, a 57 on the snare, a 57 for the floor tom and a 2020 in front of the high tom which adds a bit of lows to the kick while taking the high tom as well; guitars had an SM58 each, Beta57 for the vocals, DI for bass, keys through line, piano had an AT 4050 with a figure of eight pattern (with a maybe interesting drum spill all over it), and an AT2020 room mic pointing directly towards a window.
Also, no headphones. There were two monitors in the room.
The idea is to mix under the premise of it sounding as you see it, a recording done in a living room, with a really compressed room; as opposed to it sounding like a studio recording
What do you think?

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Probably good idea to pan both the OHs and guitars fully to sides to create some width.

You'll probably want to compress the bass DI really hard in order to blend it well with the rest of the band, Di basses pop out really easily out of these kind of recording where everything's bleeding into one another but none to the bass.

Leakage (and handling it) on the vocal mics will determine the quality of the final recording. Your vocal mics are essentially also drum mics so don't start mixing the drums with the vocal mics muted.
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Where can I ask for more.