"The Fear (Saw Me)" posted 11-1-14 for 30 daze CLOSED


The Fear (Saw Me)
c. '14 Vlayman

14 tracks (drums and some BV's submixed)

All tracks pass-filtered (sorry, I do this before I save)
Bass and vox are gated
Bass amp track was noise-reduced

No FX, no other EQ

Drums: nettage (approx. 56 BPM)
Bass: JacoFretless-70's MarlboroGB0-12B-EV RE320-Summit2BA221-Gyraf1176 (amp track)
_-GT The Brick-dbx160XT (DI track)

1985 G&Lf100-1960 RickenbackerM8E-Beyer SoundstarII-Summit2BA221
_ShinyBox 23Lribbon- Focusrite ISA1 (room track)


My mix is at:

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Hey VVV.  I got the tracks uploaded and did a mix.  Here's the link:


I only listened to your mix once because I didn't want to be influenced too much.  The main things I did was to drop some of the stereo tracks,  I did some EQ on all of the tracks, added some echo to the lead vocals, put some reverb on the backing vocals, and put some chorus on what I call the drone vocals at the end of the song.  I also put some echo on the rhythm and lead guitars and put some reverb on the slide tracks.  No effects on the drums or the bass.  That's about it.  Let me know what you think!
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Very nice!

I love how you cleaned up the voc, and yer EQ cleaned up the mix.

"Stereo tracks"?  The room tracks are meant to be used in combo with the close-mic'd tracks, or not, to give some depth and EQ flexibility; same with the DI and amp'd bass tracks.

Cool mix, yeah.  8)
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I was a little confused by the labels and by the time I got them into the VS they were lost anyways.  It's always fun to mix other's songs.  Thanks for the opportunity.
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I'll tellya, tho', I love the approach you've taken here, and may wanna use yer mix when I do my bandcamp release - I'll get backatcha.