Watered Down Whiskey (Kristen Brassel)

Hello all, I've been lurking around here long enough but have never really contributed much to the cause. Most of the stuff that I've tracked has been in a schoolhouse environment, so nothing commercial in that department. Anyways, what I DO have are some tracks from those days to share with you wonderful people.

This artist's name is Kristen Brassel, a local to the Nashville area and a graduated classmate of mine. she's currently on the circuit and was gracious enough to come into the studio to let me record her. We assembled some musicians, went over the song about 4 times, and pressed that big red button. I lot of my intentions were compromised during the tracking process due to having to share those responsibilities with two other engineers. Not the best scenario, but I'll share better tracks later.

This song is called "Watered Down Whiskey", it began as a country song but slowly morphed into a rock song.
BPM is 90, key is in F# (?) if I remember right? I'll update if this isn't the case.

Stems: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9wmm2XA0tuYRDNNLU9zdWdyc1E&usp=sharing

This is my mix of the song-

Added the Tuned Fiddle parts! https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9wmm2XA0tuYfld3cDJmaXFtMm1yR1FjaHp6TGdUREY1Tm9DMjY5SmowalFKWE1vUnZQeU0&usp=sharing

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Thank's you, I begin into 1 hour ;)
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No problem!

I should add that the violin part is out of tune so if you have tuning software you may want to use it, otherwise you can leave it out! After I get off work today i'll see if I can link a download of my own melodyne-tuned violin! Have fun!
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Here's my first try. I've left out the violins for now. Maybe I'll fix it later with MIDI (or if someone provides them).

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Hey, sounds great! I keep forgetting that need to up load the corrected fiddle part, so that's my bad. I'll tie a string on my finger to remember it today after work.
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Fiddle/Violin links have been added to the header finally!
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Okey, here's my try. I don't use soundcloud but that's not a problem, I guess.
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Kristen Brassel "Watered Down Whiskey"
Neve, api, lexicon, softube etc.....
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Here's the one with violin :) Very nice song.
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djmj, good mix. I find snare a little bit overcompressed, but I love lead guitar!
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I'll give it a quick try!


Lots of notes, lots of phase issues :)

Nice song, anyway!
This was from my very first studio-recording experience and I would have been more surprised if I had not had any issues at all with the phasing. Kristen is a singer-songwriter who had the basic fo... (read more)