New composition: Seven Monkeys. Feedback is welcome

Hi all,

I just finished a new composition: Seven Monkeys.

I have put this together in Cubase using several softsynths but also real instruments (Nord Stage, Guitar, Tenor Sax), which I recorded myself. More details can be found here:

This was actually the first time that I recorded a real sax (just in my room, with an SM57 and Rode NT5. Probably the recording is suboptimal, and the sound in the mix was the best I could do. Any suggestions on how to improve the sax sound are therefore appreciated.

I can provide more details and all the tracks if someone wants to have a go at this.

All other comments are also welcome



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Hi Antoine !

To me, the main problem for his mix is the balance between each instrument, especially drums. Kick and snare are too much behind the rest, but cymbals and hi hat are too much in front, and a bit harsh. There is also too much compression, it's like the kit is pumped.

The stereo image is very good ! For the sax, I find it a bit muddy, maybe some top ends would help it to pop more in the mix. I also would add some reverb on it.

I heard here and there that at ribbon mic is awesome for horns. If you have some, you can try it ?
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THanks for your comments. For now I have abandoned this project but will probably get back to it at a later stage.'
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Sounds like a record from a live broadcast thing. Yep, the balance between the instruments is the thing I really miss in this mix, and a bit of "sound production" I beleive would be
the kind of thing that will help this release (for example - I'd correct a drum set in order to make it more suitable for this genre).
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Hi Antoine,

I agree with what others have said. I actually think your overall levels and panning seem pretty good.. what I hear (and this is something I struggle with in my own mixes) is too much competing in similar frequency ranges.. It is weird, I can't figure out if it was my mix what tracks I'd roll off the low end and high end a bit more... but certainly I can hear a lot of instruments that in parts are all quite bright, competing, so, I am told, pick your focus instrument(s) for each section, and roll off a bit of the top end for the others at that time..

Some sections - your section that is string dominant, sounds great here and works well I think.. Actually your string section is very well arranged and produced..

Now if only I could implement my own advice in my mixes, lol  ???

Hope this is of use to you.