Rock Song. Scarlet Luck -Lights

This is a standard Rock song.  :)
Thanks in advanced. Hope you guys like it.
This song now has a full and real drum set recorded.


All Tracks are mono and set to 0db.

Here is the type of "VIBE" I'm going for. This mix down doesn't have alot of eq and compression. Just some reverb, delay and track correctly panned. As the track goes on some individual tracks change volume and also change panning.   

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well you should have either added the actual midi file for the drums or wait till the you recorded the real drums.  ;)
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If you wouldn't mind, could you post the midi for the drums? I have Slate Drums that I would like to put into the song! Thanks!
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I don't have the Midi file for the drums, it was sent to me by my drummer and he sent it as a wave file
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Ah, ok, roger. I only ask because the drum file include is only mono and heavily compressed. I'll work around with it a bit though until you are able to record some live drums for the session. Thanks!
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Cool song, it has the groove :) Here's my version
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Here is my mix.

I went for a "doomy" and dense vibe.

Distorted bass and roomy drums. I liked the groove of the song, wish the drums were real and not electronic.

Amurr170. The balance is good, the bass could be louder and distorted. Snare and kick could be louder. Overall good mix but lacks some energy. Nice sound on the semiclean guitars.

Drew84. I like the vibe you went for. kick drum and snare could be louder, and snare have a little more meat.Cymbals are a little washy/trashy.

Richard.Dalton. I really like the sound of the intro. But when the whole band comes in the cymbals are too harsh and trashy. Snare could have more meat and the ambience sounds weird/too filtered. I liked the arrangemente change.
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I like you mix, it sounds very interesting.
And thanks for your opinion on my mix :)
Could you please tell how did you process drumtrack to achieve this sound? Drums sound very good for me... and it's much better than in my version :)
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I used drumagog to convert the kick and snare to midi. With the filters in drumagog you can isolate them. Then i cleaned some misstriggers.

And used native instruments modern drummer to augment the drums, specially the room sound.

I also used a dynamic eq on the drum track to tame some of the harshness in the cymbals.
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Thank you, I think I should try this method :)
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Seems soundcloud does some strange shit to audio :'(
wont be using soundcloud again.

@ jeremias666 The created atmosphere of the song doesn't call for a snare hitting u in the face ;D
Thanks for the input though Brother :)

Drum track is the original provided stem with ducking unfortunately the hats weren't supplied separated 

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