Rock Song. Scarlet Luck -Lights

This is a standard Rock song.  :)
Thanks in advanced. Hope you guys like it.
This song now has a full and real drum set recorded.


All Tracks are mono and set to 0db.

Here is the type of "VIBE" I'm going for. This mix down doesn't have alot of eq and compression. Just some reverb, delay and track correctly panned. As the track goes on some individual tracks change volume and also change panning.   

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Hi Gex, nice mix but as you asked, let me be harsh  :P

Missing Octave bass part in the intro, imo the intro is dull and needs something to colour it so the octave part is badly needed. The guitars in general sound brilliant however the Chorus guitars need defining better and the melodic counterpoint parts are lost.

I think the kit sounds great but as you said, there are issues with the timing that should have/ need to have been corrected. I think there are a couple of kicks that need manual edits and the bass needs to be re-recorded (imho); given it is what it is, I think you managed it well.

Its a great mix dude! :)
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I like this song , but I think the guitars are a little bit off tempo.... , I could fix that using dynamic split but it will taking a long time... because I have another project to finish , I just mix this song for fun so I let it the way it is , actually if I weren't so busy I'd like to mix this song again... or maybe you could post the guitar stems that already fixed... I'll gladly to mix it again...

so this is my mix :

any comments are welcomed.... be harsh as you can be.... :)
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offthewallstudio: drum sound is nice, but mix lacks energy, gtrs sound distant and voice is loud and dry and sounds disconnected from the rest. There is a clean guitar that sounds very wooly.
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Thanks for the tips dude. And the time and effort you went to. Greatly Appreciated
np did you like the mix?
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Here is my take on this tune, you guys needed alot less Bass GTR tracks and a few more drum tracks. I dont think the drummer played to a click track or maybe the guitarist was getting off tempo. The Recording could have been better. I only mixed this for 1.5 hours and could have spent another our im not getting paid so had to cut it short i just liked the tune :)
I think with a little more help and better recordings you guys will make some nice stuff... my words may be harsh but its stuff like this that only make us better :)

Oh I did not replace any tracks with fake audio this is just the real audio givin

If you dont have tom mics you need to do different mic placements maybe no room mic or maybe like a tom over head type thing. I notices alot of phase issues with the snare mic i believe. The DI Bass tracks need to make more sence. The DI at the beginning of the song i bet would sound great with the AMP. So you had about 4 or 6 bass tracks. If you just made th... (read more)
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Kool tune, im going to mix this. PS I have won mix competitions affiliated to Pensado's Place.... Cant wait to mix!!!!
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Seems soundcloud does some strange shit to audio :'(
wont be using soundcloud again.

@ jeremias666 The created atmosphere of the song doesn't call for a snare hitting u in the face ;D
Thanks for the input though Brother :)

Drum track is the original provided stem with ducking unfortunately the hats weren't supplied separated 

Direct mp3 download

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Thank you, I think I should try this method :)
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I used drumagog to convert the kick and snare to midi. With the filters in drumagog you can isolate them. Then i cleaned some misstriggers.

And used native instruments modern drummer to augment the drums, specially the room sound.

I also used a dynamic eq on the drum track to tame some of the harshness in the cymbals.
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I like you mix, it sounds very interesting.
And thanks for your opinion on my mix :)
Could you please tell how did you process drumtrack to achieve this sound? Drums sound very good for me... and it's much better than in my version :)