Bleed American - Executive Mix Off (poprock/poppunk)

Hey guys,
This is my bands latest single off our debut full length. There's a document in the folder with everything in there, files are 24/44.1 and if you want to hear my mix:

Here you go:

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Killer tune man! Really looking forward to mixing this! Thanks for posting :)
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Great song.
Here's my mix- first try, not mastered
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I'll be starting this mix tonight, but I HAVE to guys Jimmy Eat World fans? Lol! Personally, I love 'em.
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My try :D
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Here is my take. Enjoy and comment if you like.
Sounds good man. If anything id push up the vocals a few dbs and maybe a stereo reverb on the snare instead of a mono one
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Hello, so I finally had time to mess around with the mix some today. I tried to leave a lot of dynamics, so it's not the loudest mix, and added some automation and some creative liberty. Hope you enjoy!
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Hello everybody... it's been a while.

That's a pretty catchy tune, so I thought I'll do a mix. I had some trouble getting the vocals to be upfront as they have a lot of ambiance on them. Also, the toms are somewhat brutally edited and needed some cheating. I did however keep the drums natural as it seems to fit the guitars better that don't have insane amounts of distortion on them (which I find refreshing). Overall, a straight forward rock mix.

jordanvoth Thanks for sharing! The original mix is pretty good, although a little too crushed for my taste. The chorus gets sucked in a little compared to the verse. There is a constant clipping going on which I think comes from the guitars. Vocals are audible very well which is nice. Nice balancing overall.

tealwave Drums need some beefing up  ;). Compression and parallel compression is your friend. The vocals are kind of in the backgro... (read more)
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SOng is blazingly Awesome
Here is mine:
Comment is Welcome
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Pretty cool song, had some fun playing around with this one.
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Nice track !

Here is my version, also mastered.