need some feedback for my band

Hi folks !

I would like you to listen to my current mix of this song called These Days. It's only instrumental for now, vocals have not been recorded yet. It will be done by the end of April.

Just to let you know, the keys are not definitive yet, I will probably change some pads and arrangements. The guitarist wanted that big reverb and delay for the last part, so it's absolutely normal if it's drowned like this.

Drums are real acoustics. My kit is a Pearl Masters Custom, recorded with KSM137 as OHs, SM81 on hi hat, SM57s on snares, D112 on kick, e609 on rack toms and Opus 88 on floor toms. No drum room mic.
Guitars and bass were recorded with a Berhinger B1 and e906.

I used a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 coupled with a Berhinger ADA8200 to get 8 extra inputs.

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The mix is too quiet I beleive.
I really like the sound of drums!
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Hi Padraig

Thanks a lot for your comment ! Actually I did not use any limiter yet, so output is set up to -8dB or so. I probably won't master the album, so that's why I don't use the limiter to listen to my mixes.

Drums are so hard to deal with ! Especially when they're real acoustics. I made some improvements here and there since the time I posted this thread. I will upload a new mix when vocals will be done.

Cheers !
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Yep, drum recording is a tricky thing))) Especially all that "bleeding" issues etc
You won't master it at all? Wow
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Oops, I meant won't master myself  ;D

It will definitively be mastered, but in a soft way, we don't want too much compression and be part of the loudness war ! We want to keep the dynamics as much as we can.
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EQ on everything sounds really nice! You may have to carve some hi mids out of the guitars to make room for vocals, but overall sounds really nice! A few things:

1) This mix is really quiet… but it looks like that's already been addressed.  :)

2) The snare could actually come down in the mix a couple of db. If you listen to the mix at low level you'll hear that the snare is the loudest thing in the song. As a drummer myself, I understand the need for thunder and lighting… but when mixing I always double and triple check my drum levels to make sure they're not out of balance.

3) This may be my drummer bias… but I'd like to hear a nice long reverb tail on that snare during the verses. In fact the drums could be a little more wet overall. Try crushing the room mic or adding a digital Studio/Room verb.

4) I know that low end heavy bass is a touchy subject with this genre of music, but I'd actually like to hear a little more 60Hz to fatten up the low e... (read more)
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Hi drumanima !

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
In the meantime, I've recorded the vocals, and have done another mix from (almost) scratch. The band were very happy with the new mix :)

For the guitars, I kept one of them on the right during the first verse, and replaced the left one with the rhythmic guitar from second verse. As they're very different, it now sounds very wide.
Low cuts were set a bit to high, so I changed them and now the low ends have more impact.

For drums, I used less compression on the snare and kick. They feel more natural, but still with impact. I used a short reverb, we're not really fan of big 80's reverb  ;D

We will put the whole song on our Facebook this thursday at 5 pm (GMT+1). You will find it here :
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Mandubien Not a bad mix! I don't have much to add to the things that have already been said. The first thing I noticed though, is that the acoustic guitar is not very tight timing-wise in the beginning. Some pocketing here will probably go a long way and make the whole track sound more professional.
Also, on the snare, some parallel compression might be good idea to get more sustain if you don't like reverb that much. It sounds a little dry and choked off right now.

Have you thought about making this available for everyone to mix? I'm sure many people would appreciate it  ;D
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Well, I actually have at least though of it ;) I need to ask my mates of course. But I think it should not be a problem.
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Always free advertisement for the band  ;D
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Ah ah, sure  ;D I'll see what I can do, but no promises hey ;)