Crankbox - Enough of Myself

About a year ago, my very good pal Dylan and I were in the middle of a long-term songwriting project where we would compose and arrange and perform and mix and release a new song every week for a year. "Enough of Myself" was one of those songs.

From that goal, this song was pulled together in three days. The performances are a bit rough (a number of scratch instruments that I had intended to re-record ended up in the mix as we ran out of time - bass particularly) but we did get a few alternate vocal takes to play with, so it worked out well enough.

The percussion here is part synthesized drum kit and part acoustic cajon; also have several rhythm-y guitar parts, bass, vocals and a glockenspiel (had been listening to looooots of Jack Conte at this time). Do with what you will.

I've included a super-rough faders-up mix attached to this post.  If you're OK with spoilers, our final mix is here :p


Linked here are the project files encoded as FLAC. Grab 'em. Take 'em home. Show 'em a nice time. Be liberal with effects if you should so wish (I know I was).

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Love this song, just wish the timing was tighter.
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Decided to do a quick mix, let me know what you guys think :)


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Here's a quick mix:

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Do you know the tempo on the song so I can pocket the drums and bass? Thanks!