Mixing Practice What I Feel For You v2

Here a nice song for mixing practice.
[b]What I Feel For You v2

Vocals, Lyrics: Mike Basil
Drums: Todd Vierra
Guitars: Bill Gifford, Henry Mittnacht
Bass: Robert Stephen
Keys: Steffen Offermann
Original Music, Mix, Master: Steffen Offermann


multitracks (Flac):

alternativ Wurlitzer for Rhodes:

Here are my Mix (with Wurlitzer):


best regards

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Hi Bordon,
thanks for sharing the tracks. However, something seems fishy with the .flac files. Neither can I import them into Reaper, nor can I play them with VLC player. Both usually works without any problems. Would you mind checking them again just to be sure they did not get corrupted in the encoding process or something? Thanks!
I will have to agree with 140dBSPL. When I try to add the FLAC files to Ableton Live it tells me they "may be corrupt or unlicensed" whatever that means. Bummer!
Hey, guys!

I'm the one who originally provided the seps, and Bordon posted the same links that he and somebody else downloaded them from without any problems. So it must either be a server... (read more)
I just checked it - both the links and the files are intact.
I think I have an idea what went wrong: Did you click "Save as" on the link? That won't work. You must left-click on the link and on the page that will open, click the "Download" button!
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I used the download button. I have all files here, named properly and they have the right size but they just don't work. I tried two audio converters and they also couldn't process them to wav. I give up  :( What a pity, I was really looking to forward to mixing this.
What did you use to convert the files?
I think I used Switch to convert them - and I downloaded them and checked their integrity in Audacity (i.e. using ffmpeg effectively).

That's really strange. The fact that two people were... (read more)
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Funny enough, the separate Wurlitzer tracks do work. ???
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Yeah... well I don't know how to use FFmpeg unfortunately  >:(
Do you use Audacity? If you have ffmpeg installed, Audacity can do the work for you.

But there are free GUIs for ffmpeg, too - for all major operating systems.
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Ok, choosing Studio One to export the FLACs was a very stupid idea. Studio One will need FOURTY MINUTES to convert them (not render, just convert). I'll start Cubase instead. It will only take a couple of minutes (at most) there.
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No I don't have Audacity. I'm a little hesitant to installing a lot of this stuff. Those two audio converters I tried also wanted to install some search bars and browser extensions. I hate this...
Audacity does not do that. It's open source in the best sense, originally developed for Linux. I've been using it for at least ten years. :)
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I'll try Audacity then.
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Alright, guys - please try these, and let me know:

Keys (without Wurlitzer): https://copy.com/po3Cltqq37Ddoyar
Percussion: https://copy.com/K1Q0YOw9rNIYWEmk
Vocals: https://copy.com/urssTuJfcPy3zdWZ
Guitars: https://copy.com/lXzPCx1UHtMtQWDb
Wurlitzer (original link): https://copy.com/KhvDSzvxa4eqc0cZ
Drums: https://copy.com/ZZ2EBgZs9RB9jil6
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;D Now they all work!
Perfect! :)

Drums are up, too.
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All works great now! I started mixing these this evening... awesome tracks, I'm digging this song a lot!!! Thanks for posting.  :)
Glad to hear. :)

Please, everybody, if you post your mixes anywhere else but here, make sure to include the full list of credits as posted by Bordon at the start of the thread!