Bleed American "Bloom" Mixoff

Hey guys,
Here's another track off the album called "Bloom" BPM is 145. Enjoy and if you dig it please support us by buying the album on ITunes.

My mix:


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Excellent! I really enjoyed remixing "Executive", looking forward to diving into this one tonight! Thanks for the tracks!
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Awesome. Thanks for sharing jordanvoth. I really like the energy in the original mix. I'd just ease off on the bus compression and the master limiter a little. It's pumping quiet a lot.

This one turned out better than "Executive". I did use drum samples on this one though.

I'm going to give some feedback when other mixes arrive  ;)
Nice mix, I really like the drum samples that you used, they really fit the genre and the PEW PEW of the snare is hilarious, though I didn't notice it until I listened in headphones. The lead vocal... (read more)
Thanks! I think I did a  50/50 blend of original snare/kick and samples. So they sound kinda natural. Toms are 100% samples though. I shamelessly stole the idea for that PEW on the snare from Param... (read more)
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Thanks for sharing...

Here is my take on it.


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adrianex Great mix. You captured the energy of the song and the mix is very well balanced. Not a huge fan of those delay throws, but I like how you worked those harmonies in. Well done.
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Hi 140dBspl, Thank you for the kind words and I'm Glad you liked it (even not being a fan of the delay, lol)  :)
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Looks like the link doesn't work anymore.  Mind putting them up again?
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This is good tune and was fun to mix.  Here's my take on it:


Not too much done to get loudness so you may have to turn it up to compare. 
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Hi there!
thanks again @jordanvoth

my mix

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Very Nice Tune
Here is my mine:[soundcloud][/soundcloud]