A pop-rock female voxed song

I've recently recorded and mixed this band. Also, played bass and drums parts for this song.


The guitars are my Krank Custom head with Engl E412SS cab, mic'ed with a single SM-57.
The bass is Jass Bass through the Mark Studio 2.

Would appreciate any feedback! :)

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Hey there, I like that.
Nice sounding drum samples. May I ask what sample pack that is?
I think the overall balances are good. Everything is clearly audible. I think the kick could have some more low end and the bass guitar maybe less. The vocals are very up front. For more of a rock-approach, maybe the lead vocals a tad quieter with a touch of saturation and overall more compression on the master - if a rock approach is indeed intended.

From a production point, I think some (more) vocal harmonies could have been a nice addition. She has a nice voice that sounds like it stacks well.

This song would make a great mixoff though, don't you think?  ;D ;)
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Thanks for the feedback!

Have just noticed the reply in this thread.
The sample pack is Rock EZX blended with RoomSound samples (which are my favourite for rock).

I'll definitely ask the band, regarding making a mix-off out of this song. :)