Fingerstyle guitar: "Bridge Street"

Hi everyone,

I am a fingerstyle guitarist that is ever-searching for "that sound". I'd love to see what you could do with it, and if someone blows me away I might try to hire him/her to start mixing my stuff.

I love the sound of Antoine Dufour's albums. They may just be over compressed, but they sound great.

I may also post a mix of my own to see what you guys think of it.

The song is just one instrument, with three different inputs. So how hard could it be, right?

Anyway, here are the session files.


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Hi Jason!
First of all: great playing! Very enjoyable music, I think most of the time I was listening to this rather than mixing it  ;)

Anyway, I don't know if this is 'that sound' you are looking for, but I tried to take what was there, push the strengths of the sound and cover the weaknesses a little. So it's not radically different. I kept it kinda natural and open, but at the same time a little punchy and upfront.
Hope you enjoy it.

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I'm pretty sure that we can all agree you're a fantastic guitar player  ;D

Here's how I hear it going. The idea is to focus the guitar playing, so I didn't go crazy nuts with it.  Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as you enjoyed playing it.
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hope you enjoy! nice song.
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Hey Jason,
I took two takes on this guitar, one uses a heavier compression and one uses slightly less compression and a bit more reverb.
For compression I used a TLA-100A  as well as my Red 3 Compressor, I also used a Tsar 1 for reverb. I listened to Antoine Dufour and took some of the ideas in his mix while not compromising your guitar's tone.
Heavy Compression:
Light Compression:
Stoman, I liked your mix although it felt a little bit bright.
loupl, Your link didn't work! o-o
140dbspl, Your mix sounded really nice too although it felt a little bit dry, however I like that it doesn't sound harsh and has a nice natural sound.
crtsjr, I found your compression to just be too much and I heard alot of "pumping", the reverb you used is nice although I found your's to be a bit too bright too.
Just figured i'd give everyone some comments :)

Thanks for listening!
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i post this new link to my mix because im under the impression the previous one wasn't working (im new to this drop-box-thing)... hope it works and hope you enjoy!
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Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your style, reminded me of Steve Howe at times.
Here is my go at it.

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Had a quick go at this