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Hi there! recorded this song awhile back. And my mix aint that good. The guitar sounds abit scrappy. and the drums are from ez drummer without much fix. ive turned off all eqs and plug ins on the stamps, thats what im suposed to do right? Hope you have fun!: ) Looking forward to see results:)

Edit: Here is the song

working link

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Maybe out up an mp3 so people know what they are downloading!  ;)
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Thats a nice song! I´ll do a mix of this when I get the time!.  8)
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Ok got the time :D

Hope you like it
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Really nice song !

You need to get a real drummer! And maybe someone to play a cello or a violin :-)

I replaced the drums with another set of samples but I didn´t do many variations so it still sounds like that :-)
There are still some timing issues that I didn´t fix and some other things. Just mixed for 1.5 hours.
So here it is.

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Nice song.  Some feedback on the mixes done so far:

MortenDK: I like the acoustic guitar sound you got.  Interesting how you decided to put the drums back in the mix; I see how that might work.  I think the oohs and aahs are a little bit forward and distracting in your mix though.

DirkZuber: Also a good acoustic sound, but the bass sounds kinda "metal."  Also, the the hi-hat is pretty forward in the mix.  I agree that the drums needed to be replaced, but I took the opposite route with them (more relaxed, low-tuned, low-velocity).

I decided to make the arrangement build a little more gradually.  Bass doesn't come in till after the first chorus and the drums come in after that.  Wish I had the time to do a bit more editing, but I gotta get back to my actual jobs!
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Great song! I will mix it when I get a chance and likely replace the drums...Easier if you upload the MIDI files, but not necessary.
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wow, thats alot of great replys at a short time!
I like all the mixes so far!:) Posted the song on Gearslutz aswell, and all i got back was a sort of club remix=/

I will post some other songs from the past in a few days! Its alot of fun hearing how others mixes the tunes!:)
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Here's my mix:

The recordings are OK, but your levels are soooo low.

Can't do too much to the drums, because they are just two stereo tracks. I'd go for some sidestick or very short snare sound for this song. Maybe you should even think about using an electronic drum kit instead of the acoustic one.

The guitars have quite some timing problems that I did not try to solve other than compressing them altogether to make them sit tighter.

The lead vocals are way cool, so I focused my mix around them.
The sustained background vocals would need some Autotuning, but I don't have Autotune...

Very nice song, though and I really like her Björk'esque voice and type of singing.
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Despite the generic drums I thought the song was nice. But I didn't realize how badly everything was until I heard the files. I wasn't going to go crazy on this and edit all the problems. But I did decide to put a little effort in since I already downloaded the files.