mixing stoner/noiserock. what do you think?

hi there dudes
my first topic on this forum

here i'm mixing my band's song. i'm a newbie in mixing. doing it on my PC, only vst.

the song was recorded like: drums and bass were recorded in the same room all at once, with some acoustic shields. miced kick, snare etc. big muff bass with 2 mics, NO D.I. then 2 guitars miced 2 on front, 1 back and 1 room. (i've muted back and room mics because they make more noise then pure sound). vocals as usual.

my mixing references are like Unsane's 2012 album "Wreck".
noisy noise rock

So, i appreciate any suggestions on how to make instruments sound more separate, especially guitars. and any other advices for a newbie.

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Hi erea
Would love to listen to your tracks, but the links (embedded Soundcloud tracks) don't work.  Could you post the URLs?