Stay Home - Realize Mixoff

Hey all,

Here's "Realize" off of Stay Home's debut (and final) LP. My friend Baxter did the original recording/mixing, but sent me the Garageband file so I could mess with it and also gave me permission to share the multitracks here.

My (unmastered) version:


The original can be heard at:

Multitrack files:

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I can already tell that i'm gonna have fun with this. Already downloaded and started mixing. Thanks for the submission!  ;D
No problem! I look forward to hearing another take on it.
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Here's my mix.
And I've included a screenshot of my Pro Tools mix window, in case anybody is interested.

Additionally to the attached file, here's the Dropbox-Link:
I'm really digging this mix! It's really good. Night and tight, punchy too. I think my only criticism would be a bit of pumping in the cymbals during the intro. I sent it to my friend in the band, ... (read more)
Thanx for the feedback! I'd like to receive any kind of critique including things that need to be improved or is envisioned differently by the band.
Well, Baxter said something along the lines of "he made the same basic mistake you (meaning me) did. It's far too bright and doesn't have enough bass"

I don't agree with Baxter. I think hi... (read more)
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had a little mix of the track! Cheers for sharing the material. It's a cool track, a shame about some of the digital audio pops and distortion. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thanks for doing a mix! I like that you cleaned up the bass a bit. It sounds a lot more present, which I was fighting with in my mix. I might have brought the snare and vocals down a bit, as well a... (read more)
    Upvote (0) Pretty fun song.
I like the mid range on the bass, but the low end might be a bit boomy. The drums are tight and punchy. Did you quantize or adjust them, by any chance?

I also hear some pumping on one of t... (read more)
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I took a crack at this one, very cool song. I always have a hard time with such over driven guitars, took me a while to get em like I want them. Thanks for posting the tracks! Comments and criticisms always welcome!
The flange on the intro guitar was a nice little surprise :)  I would probably automate it to bypass during the main parts of the song instead of leaving it to play through, or at least drop it dow... (read more)
I used to have trouble, too. I like the direction you were going with this mix, and I think the band would like the effect you used on the guitars - I recorded an EP for them a few years ago and a ... (read more)
Yeah, your link isn't working either. It says to listen on the Soundcloud site. Here's mine:
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Haven't been doing this for very long, but here's my cut at this one.  Fun song!
I think with a few changes this could be a really solid mix. Pretty much everything has a bit of a honky "radio" sound, which is an easy fix - don't cut as much of the lows and highs, or don't boos... (read more)
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My first go at this (other than my own demos). Really interested in learning to mix and really happy I found this forum. Anyways,

I think if i put some more time into vocal automation I could really smooth it out and get it to sit better on top of the mix. I track like that a don't think you can do with just compression, no matter how many layers and how gentle.

Everything done with standard PT12 plugins except for a bit of RAxx and RVox I just got on black friday sale!

Look forward to hearing what you think! Thanks for the tracks!
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I tried it out  ;D

Here is my mix:
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Interesting song... , thanks for uploading the stems Lead_Airplane... and let me see what I can do bout it... :)

My mix-mastered :
One of the clearest mixes I've heard. Very tight, it fits together well. You even did pretty well with the drums, without using triggers. I may have changed the vocal verb a bit, but aside from tha... (read more)
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One of the clearest mixes I've heard. Very tight, it fits together well. You even did pretty well with the drums, without using triggers. I may have changed the vocal verb a bit, but aside from that I think the band would be pretty happy with it!
Thx Lead_Airplanes :) , but to tell you the truth I did trigger the snare and blended it with the original... :)
Ha, well you had me fooled!