The Absent Wednesday: This Is How We Learn to Fly (ENTIRE ALBUM)

Here is a copy of my album in its entirety, 10 tracks Recorded & Mastered @ The Atlanta Institute of Music & Media by Lewis Toexidor of ATEH Music. I Mixed the album and performed everything myself. I've included a link to my BandCamp for use as a reference for your potential mixes and if interested you can also purchase a copy of the album there. This is a concept album based on all of my own real experiences.

here are links the the stems of each song
01-Prologue :
02-This Is How We Learn to Fly :
03-Interlude :
04-Of March and May :
05-Time Machine :
06-Laugh :
07-Cut :
08-What Are You Doing In My Head? :
09-Absolutely Nothing :
10-This Is How We Learned to Fly... :

please send your mixes to so I can be more likely to hear your interpretations, thanks.

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I've noticed that the first track "Prologue" is missing quite a few stems. I'll fix this soon

******This has been fixed now. Enjoy.
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I've been listen to your song... it's nice... :) , and I took a shot to your song "Laugh" , Im still new in mixing/mastering stuff so if you have some advise about my mix please let me know :)
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Nice job man, I dig the mix.

I like what you did but I think the amount of reverb could be settled down a bit, I personally think that reverb should mostly be used as something that isn't noticeable. Usually using it to just make things sit together better. Also, I think the dynamic of the mix could change a bit to become a little more engaging. Try some automation on panning, on my mix I panned the verse guitars center and the chorus in stereo and I also automated the volume of the mix bus to get a bit of a volume boost for those chorus parts. The reverse on the backing vocals for the outdo is a nice touch though. Keep up the great work.
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Thx Himynameisrenzo for the reply :) , yeah I listened to it again , I think you are right the reverb is a little bit too much... , I did some minor automation on compression but it's not panning but I think it's not too noticeable... , To tell you the truth I was goin to elevate the dynamic at the chorus part... but I got no idea what to do... , so maybe I'll try your sugestion... :)
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So, Slate dropped a couple new plugins into their everything bundle, and of course I needed to play.  I just grabbed a random track and wound up with #4 - Of March and May.  Sounds like a good album, man.  I like it a lot.

If I had more time, I'd probably go through and automate the acoustic guitars to sit a little better volume-wise, and then to hit harder after the breakdown-y section.
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Cool dude! I love those Slate Plugins, I posted another song in the Indie Rock section called "Four Graham" Go check that out, it is a super fun mix.