Vlayman: "The Center of Attention" Mix

Aiight, here's 11 tracks (a couple are stereo) of a 4-guitar Indie-Stonesy-mebbe thing, what I'll leave up for a monf.



There is a drum submix, two bass tracks of the same performance, 4 guitars, a lead vocal, backing vocals.

Feel free to add or subtract to it; please mix it to be LOUD.

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Aiight, one egregious timing error as I listen today: at about 30.5 seconds there is a extra .264 beat.  This is what happens sometimes when I adopt a drum two-mix.

It's also what happens in real-world mixing situations.  So, you need to cut that much from each track, what is easy enuff, but make sure you shift the cut so as not to lose the attack of any bass note or drum beat.

Also, there is a egregious timing error in the guitars at about 2:02.4, where you need to just move the notes back at the point. This is what happens when ya play it quick and sloppy!  ;D

Anywhat, attached is my (fixt) mix, and below is what my mix "looks" like.

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Hey VVV, here is my mix:


Thanks for posting this.  I always enjoy mixing your music!
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Thank you!  It's nice and clear/dry, and I'm loving the vocal balance, especially.
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FWIW, this mixoff set is garnering a bit more attention at another forum, here, including by a cuppla pros, one with a Grammy.

Just sayin' ... 8)
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Thank you all for playing.  :-*

But seriously, thank you, WRC, and the cool folks at TOMB.

I learnt a LOT!