Four Graham by Nova-One Studio

Meter: 4/4 with occasional 2/4 bars in the pre-chorus
Key: E Major
BPM: 170
34 Track Count

These tracks have been cleaned up, these are the final edited versions of the tracks. No FX, No Processing. Just straight into pro tools, cleaned up with embedded fades. Everything has been time aligned but there may be some additional time adjustments needed as after we backed these original files up we noticed it required a few very minor adjustments particularly on the ending.

Here is a reference to the final mastered version of the song.


Here are the stems.

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himynameisrenzo Thanks for sharing the tracks! Nice hook, I like the change to F sharp.
I see one big problem with your mix and that is excessive low end. It does mask the upper frequencies and causes the 2buss compressor to pump a lot. I think if you get the kick (and bass maybe) under control, everything could become more transparent right away.

Ok, so here is my quick 90min mix. I did not bother trying to fix kick and snare so I just replaced it completely. Guitars needed quiet some EQing to get there. There is still room for improvement no doubt.
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@ TonyPizza bad ass job on the mix, we dig it!
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thank's for sharing the stems himynameisrenzo :)

here's my mix :
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@Slater05 I really dig the dynamic of your mix, solid stuff. I enjoyed it very much. I'm not sure that I'm a fan of the snare choice though, this is just my opinion of course. Aside from that everything was totally solid.

@Gex, this mix was clear but one thing stuck out to me. Your snare replacement is so distinctly a sample. I would suggest trying the mix with the original drums, I'm betting you will be much happier with your results.
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Gex: Nice mix, snare is a bit ridged but unless I was looking (or listening) for it, I prob wouldn't notice. Maybe overall the OH mics are too loud. I like the Bass automation.

Slater05: Strong snare although the sample trigger needs some automation. Overall some sibilance kicks in from time to time.

Tony Pizza: Like the faded intro of the main gtr's. overall the tonality is spot on for this track. feels like a finished mix. Honestly, really good. If I was going to be hyper critical I would say sometimes the oh tracks need to be automated down slightly. But thats me being an arse!

140Bspl: I listened to your track first and I was like, wow; this is bob on. It sounds quality but listening to Pizza, the tonal balance is a lot better. That said I love the work you did on the pre chorus especially. feels very stabby and punctuated! Awesome job.
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This is my take on it.
The drums were a little challenging. I don't know how they were recorded but there are little to no transients and a lot of the time, the kick and snare hits had a flam or double hit going on.
Other than that this is a very fun tune and I enjoyed mixing it.